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an athlete who plays for pay on a part-time basis


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"But it just wears you down eventually and I have to say that the time is fast coming when managers have to go semiprofessional."
Before this commission he had been limited to staging rather interesting performances with his semiprofessional troupe in Perm (the town where Diaghilev spent his childhood).
Di Tullio timed semiprofessional baseball players as they swung various bats in air tunnels at MIT.
Boswell admitted possessing heroin with intent to supply along with Nathan Jackson, another semiprofessional player whose clubs have included Tam-worth and Wolverhampton College.
Semiprofessional singers from all over North America have been invited to participatein this prestigious competition, with the winner able to compete at next year's National Eisteddfod in Swansea, all expenses paid!
The program book for the school's June 1995 diamond Jubilee program reprinted a part of its 1926 brochure that contains, along with other now quaint-sounding information, the fact that in that year semiprofessional class tuition was three dollars per month and that there was a registration fee of fifty cents.
Dilwyn Williams, of Pwhelli, was awarded the Rural Skills trophy for winning the semiprofessional class And the Arenig Trophy went to Gethin Williams, of Tregarth, who won the amateur class
Morag McGrath, the chair of the Snowdonia Society, awarded Malcolm Davies, of Deiniolen, the winner of the semiprofessional class with the Rural Skills trophy.
Competitors,in three classes -professional, semiprofessional and amateur -each spent the day rebuilding a short section of wall under the critical gaze of judges Gareth Pritchard and Barry Roberts.
The 26-goal forward,on duty with the Welsh semiprofessional side this week, was named supporters' player of the season and the players' player of the season.