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an athlete who plays for pay on a part-time basis


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But it just wears you down eventually and I have to say that the time is fast coming when managers have to go semiprofessional.
Founded in 1985, Opcode is a leading supplier of computer software and hardware for the composition, performance, editing and recording of music by professional, semiprofessional and amateur musicians.
Brunner believes his newly formed Lancaster Rattlers -- a semiprofessional Premiere Development League team that exists under the Major League Soccer umbrella -- will give such area athletes an alternative venue they've never had.
Morag McGrath, the chair of the Snowdonia Society, awarded Malcolm Davies, of Deiniolen, the winner of the semiprofessional class with the Rural Skills trophy.
We are excited about the acceptance of both our professional and our modestly priced semiprofessional Sound Enhancers.
Still, here's hoping ``Little Shop'' gets a speedy return to its more modest roots, where small-housed, semiprofessional theaters can blitz audiences as much with the musical's source material as with the giant plant.
Competitors,in three classes -professional, semiprofessional and amateur -each spent the day rebuilding a short section of wall under the critical gaze of judges Gareth Pritchard and Barry Roberts.
The 26-goal forward,on duty with the Welsh semiprofessional side this week, was named supporters' player of the season and the players' player of the season.
Former high school and college players dreaming of football careers - whether in the Arena League, the Canadian Football League, the World League or even the National Football League - are keeping their hopes alive through a semiprofessional team.
In his teen years it was football, where he gained a starting position on three different gridiron teams as a fullback at Wilson High School, Long Beach Community College and the Orange County Rhinos semiprofessional team.
The Arena Football League's board of governors approved the application, making the Saints the first NFL franchise to apply for and purchase a team, the semiprofessional league said in a news release from its Chicago headquarters.
Beginning and intermediate players will match tones with semiprofessional and professional players.
Beginning with coaching girl's softball and youth baseball, DiCarlo eventually moved through the semiprofessional ranks, community and small college levels, collegiate summer leagues and a brief stint with the California League franchise now based in Rancho Cucamonga.
Symphony members are both profession and semiprofessional, and come from throughout Southern California - including San Diego where violist Karen Elaine lives.
Their thrill comes from the California Dolphins, a semiprofessional football team owned and coached by a Palmdale man and run by a Canyon Country resident.