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confined to a small number of hospital patients

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RESIDENT CAPACITY: 250 Beds (90% semiprivate, 10% private) in six "households"
The composition of the first of the new 40-bed units was primarily a mix of elective resident transfers from semiprivate and private rooms, and several new admissions.
Longhills, a privately owned, semiprivate course with public play in Benton, is regularly packed.
com network allows major buyers, shippers and carriers to collaboratively manage the procurement and execution of logistics services throughout the supply chain via private and semiprivate networks.
Patients can receive outpatient treatment in the setting of their choice--private, semiprivate, or group treatment rooms.
Jennifer Folino has been named the head golf professional at Tournament Players Club golf course in Valencia, a semiprivate club which opens June 26.
Whether residents live in one of Kendal's independent living apartments or cottages, or one of its private or semiprivate rooms in the personal care (assisted living) or health center (skilled nursing) wings, they are free to participate in any activity they're capable of enjoying, according to Director of Admissions Maggie Stark.
Viva -- Members receive discounts such as private rooms for the price of semiprivate rooms and free meal tickets.
The market aggregator can then offer a mix of private, semiprivate and public exchange and marketplace services across the network on behalf of its customers.
The semiprivate talking rooms bridge clinical and nonclinical uses, accommodating waiting families, consultations, and private workspace when needed.
I don't think there's anything she didn't pack for me,'' Randolph said as he moved into Bougainvillea Hall, which features two-bedroom, four- person apartments with semiprivate bathrooms, full kitchens, free basic cable and Internet access.
Real-time supply/demand balancing - Volume aggregation for lower transportation costs - Co-mingling and merge in transit - Improved capacity utilization across global, multimodal networks - Single point of connection to other community participants - Public, private and semiprivate networks - Rapid construction of new fulfillment hubs - Increased fulfillment velocity via collaborative logistics activities - Ability to tap into wide array of present and future services
A top priority was to expand the emergency department, which is the region's only Level-1 trauma center, In addition, the hospital wanted to replace its four-bed wards and its semiprivate rooms with universal, private patient rooms.
Finally, some feel safest when near other residents and staff but need to retain a degree of separation and privacy; the needs of these individuals are met by spaces such as the facility's 'inner loggias'--ample areas in front of each of the private rooms that offer additional semiprivate space that can be furnished by the room's resident.
The course is semiprivate with about 100 members and is home to the University of Nevada Reno golf team.