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(of a membrane) selectively permeable

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En 1861, Thomas Graham demostro que existian membranas semipermeables, que permitian el paso de sustancias disueltas de bajo peso molecular, pero impedian el de las particulas coloidales, tambien demostro que la velocidad de difusion de un gas es inversamente proporcional a la raiz cuadrada de su densidad, relacion conocida como ley de Graham [19].
Also, quaternization with ammonium groups is an efficient method to obtain some properties recommended in multiple applications, for example, as biomaterials and semipermeable membranes.
Semipermeable membranes surround all the cells in our bodies.
Whereas, the assessment of physical, chemical, biological, and microbiological stability is required for products packaged in semipermeable containers.
2) The decrease in B-cells GSH level is greater than decrease in T-cells GSH level showing that mercuric chloride has the penetrating capability into the semipermeable membrane of B-cells of human blood.
Obesity and overconsumption of foods high in saturated fats and simple carbohydrates have been found to weaken the blood brain barrier (BBB), a semipermeable membrane that helps protect the central nervous system and brain from pathogens and toxins circulating in the bloodstream.
Avoid slow-release formulations, including ion-exchange resins with a semipermeable membrane and those with slowly dissolving characteristics; substitute an immediate-release formulation.
May-June, 1999) "The Holes in Gould's Semipermeable Membrane Between Science and Religion.
When two solutions with different salt concentrations come into contact through a semipermeable membrane, these solutions 'want' to mix so that the concentration of salt is the same on both sides of the membrane--a natural process called osmosis.
In addition to the danger of direct intravenous bacterial inoculation, the small molecular size of endotoxin and endotoxin fragments produced by bacteria enables them to pass through the semipermeable membrane of a dialyzer from the dialysate compartment.
Which scientific term describes the interchange of liquids through a semipermeable membrane?
According to Statkraft, a renewable-energy firm that is developing osmotic power facilities, the process derives from the natural phenomenon of osmosis, by which water passes through semipermeable layers of organic tissue such as plant leaves.
Consider an osmometer constructed of a glass tube attached to a semipermeable membrane sac that is suspended in a beaker of water.
Oxygen diffusing through semipermeable membrane and voltage -400mV is applied to the Pt electrode reducing [O.
Plastic syringes can act as semipermeable membranes and allow diffusion of gases (10).