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Synonyms for semipermanent

relating to or extending over a relatively long time

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Seasonal wetlands were flooded during the winter and drained during the spring; semipermanent wetlands were flooded from winter or early spring through summer (often until July 15) and permanent wetlands had water year-round.
Laser Lady, Stacey Smallman, is a freelance mobile tattoo removal specialist and semipermanent make-up artist who works closely with the tattooist removing/fading tattoos ready for cover ups.
Will your posting be ephemeral--designed to wear away over time--or encased in a permanent or semipermanent home?
In semipermanent installation main pipelines are fixed below the ground while branch pipelines are above the ground so that the whole land is irrigated by changing the place of branch pipelines.
Across the road are the Victoria Law Courts, completed in 1891 when Corporation Street was meant to be a Parisian-style boulevard, not a treeless, traffic-cone festooned, semipermanent building site.
Her treatments were carried out by Debra Robson, queen of semipermanent make-Lorraine, Susanna, Charlotte up.
Wansbeck Care Home provides a high standard of care 24 hours a day, offering permanent and semipermanent residents' specialist support and help with everyday living.
2-kN maximum capacity, is a semipermanent solution designed exclusively for insertion within a 47-mm friction rock bolt.
Helium Enhanced Semi-Permanent Mold: The goal is to improve the productivity and properties of semipermanent mold aluminum castings.
For those dealing with daily, long-term pain issues and traumatic brain injury, this pill might be more appealing than semipermanent sedation through pharmaceutical measures.
With rapid expansion of the sort Liverpool is enjoying comes an influx of semipermanent workers and residents who are looking for the greater freedom and a longer stay.
Reshma Henna is a semipermanent color that lasts up to four to six weeks, depending on hair texture, the company says.
Semipermanent eyelash extensions used to be "a beauty technique just for celebrities such as fashion models," Maki Miura, head of the Japan Eyelist Association said.
The irony is that the clothes are more permanent than the city; graffiti gets buffed out, particle board is removed, trees fall or get cut down, but a cotton jacket can now act as a semipermanent record of something's existence.