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a specialist in the study of meaning

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Semioticists need, however, not be alarmed, for this is a book that does not have the distinction of at least getting it wrong, and therefore reflects no more light on earliest cuneiform than on theories of writing development.
When Adamson suggests that Frye's views on the role of genre and convention in literature somehow accord with the theories of recent structuralists, semioticists, and cultural critics, the reader can only wish for a thorough study of the subject.
It will seem natural, if the hypothesis that cinema is a language is to be rejected, that we should consider the weaker position of the semioticists (weaker, that is, because the hypothesis that cinema is a language entails but is not enatailed by the hypothesis that it is a semiotic system).
Janzen), semioticists, and others generally interested in ethnography writing.