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a specialist in the study of meaning

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The minister who has chosen me as his chief of staff for the past two years (2013-2014), openly introduced me as "My semiotician," and everyone seemed to understand, even without knowing what it had to do with my work, that it was my core profession, whatever my duties were.
The one who not only brought semiotics to the attention of researchers, but also made a first conjugation of the science of signs with advertising and consumer behavior, was the French semiotician Roland Barthes.
Semioticians typically focus on understanding the relationship between a sign and the thing or concept that it comes to stand for, the relationship between various signs and the relationship between signs and the people who interpret them (e.
The linguistic marks of discourse (the first and second personal pronouns, adverbs of time and space) are identified also at the level of the filmic discourse by the Italian semiotician, they indicating the presence of a subject of enunciation.
Yet, the far-reaching thesis by linguist and semiotician Ferdinand de Saussure states that the relationship between a sign and the real-world thing denoting it is arbitrary.
presents a systematic introduction to the work of American scientist, philosopher, semiotician and all around polymath Charles Sanders Peirce.
To Bhabha's ideas, Pelaez Casellas adds those of the semiotician Yuri Lotman (1922-1993) and his "semiosphere" (10) as a tool that allows her to arrive at the "subversive subtext" (11) of the novels, which on their surface seem to be rather conventional, but that criticize the construction of a female subject in a Chicano context dominated by patriarchal ideas (35).
A semiotician, he is interested in the evolution of signs and systems in specific semiotic contexts or semiospheres, which in turn, operate within larger semiospheres.
Italian semiotician, essayist, philosopher, literary critic, and novelist Umberto Eco (b.
The semiotician Greg Rowland recently said that the food industry has forgotten that "food is a physical thing".
In what looks like a great sign for Azure and the release of its upper floor apartments, writer, professor and semiotician, Marshall Blonsky, has paid just over $2 million for the two bedroom unit 22D.
Although both authors cite a number of familiar cultural theorists and employ a variety of critical approaches, Rodman relies heavily on the work of Finnish semiotician Eero Tarasti as well as that of Roland Barthes, John Fiske (mistakenly spelled "Fisk" in his index), Heinrich Schenker and, of course, Tagg.
Tyler rightly rejects relativism, and thinks (despite more than one mention of Peirce who was both semiotician and advocate of truth as emergent revelation over time) that realism is necessarily one-dimensional rather than (as Peirce himself thought) processual.
Moreover, Charles Sanders Peirce, the twentieth-century semiotician, independently discovered Poinsot's ontology of sign relations in knowledge.
Umberto Eco is a world renowned medievalist philosopher semiotician literary critic and currently the president of the Scuola Superiore di Studi Umanistici University of Bologna.