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(philosophy) a philosophical theory of the functions of signs and symbols

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"Reading Merwin Semiotically." In Nelson and Folsom, eds.
The drawings were analysed using some of the semiotically framed concepts developed in Kress and van Leeuwen's work (Kress & Van Leeuwen, 2006), which has been applied in a number of studies to children's drawings (Hopperstad, 2010; Mavers, 2009).
By focusing on this seemingly insoluble contradiction and by addressing the linguistic process semiotically we are in the position to come to grips with the He and how it partakes in the problem of knowledge.
We could think about pixels in a photograph as syntactically scattered, yet semiotically organized data.
The object x exists semiotically = some animal y is capable of producing reaction z upon perceiving and evaluating x.
These drawings enact and represent a process of semiotic abstraction, an iconoclasm of sorts; signifier and signified are decoupled, transforming icons and signs pregnant with culturally specific meanings into multivalent floating signifiers, both semiotically and visually, adrift in the drawings' illusory universes.
The concept that "identity refers to a set of positions semiotically organized as a aesthetic of the self that is signified by the interaction with the other" (p.342) is investigated, developed and expanded through other studies with teachers both in face-to-face education and in other stages of education --kindergarten, high school and higher education.
Semiotically articulated, language is a container in which culture is both formed and performed and in which people and objects are turned into "texts" to be read with infinite possibilities of meaning.
"Vehicular and social mobility are semiotically linked; social categorization is signalled through mechanical performance and bodily appearance" (Perry, 2002, p.53).
Here, we can contrast the fully dynamic account of the world and of existence (a semiotically grounded ontology) and the fact that when living organisms engage with such a world they all encounter moments of fundamental familiarity; they recognize things, they remember things, they re-encounter a range of "the same" through various sensorial modalities.
(235) Judges sometimes proceed as though expressive works were effectively self-interpreting, facially clear, and thus semiotically accessible.
semiotically embody the horror of the abject in the words.
Integrated clinical pathway management for medical quality improvementbased on a semiotically inspired systems architecture.
More and more energy is spent in dealing with environmental crisis both semiotically and materially, leading me to quip that today serious, global social-environmental crisis is no longer seen as an (apocalyptic) end ahead, but has become a way of life.