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(philosophy) a philosophical theory of the functions of signs and symbols

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The drawings were analysed using some of the semiotically framed concepts developed in Kress and van Leeuwen's work (Kress & Van Leeuwen, 2006), which has been applied in a number of studies to children's drawings (Hopperstad, 2010; Mavers, 2009).
By focusing on this seemingly insoluble contradiction and by addressing the linguistic process semiotically we are in the position to come to grips with the He and how it partakes in the problem of knowledge.
A semiotically founded ontology includes the subjective aspects of existence, in short because if we are to recognize living organisms as active interpreters of their particular environments, their Umwelt, in contrast to being fundamentally driven by a set of codes, we also have to recognize subjectivity in our accounts of existence and being (also see Varela, Thompson 1993, Deacon 2011).
The works themselves are also semiotically complex.
Integrated clinical pathway management for medical quality improvementbased on a semiotically inspired systems architecture.
The shadows on the wall of Plato's cave were already images of ideas and ideas of images, and one suspects that the proliferation of neologisms and jargon in Harrell's book (which includes a wholly necessary six-page glossary packed with terms such as semiotically socketed social-computational flow), reveals him to be shadowboxing.
More and more energy is spent in dealing with environmental crisis both semiotically and materially, leading me to quip that today serious, global social-environmental crisis is no longer seen as an (apocalyptic) end ahead, but has become a way of life.
Semiotically confusing early portraits by Gustav Adolf Muller and Martin von Meytens are later eclipsed by Meytens's successful balance of femininity and sovereignty as in Double Portrait of Empress Maria Theresa and Archduke Joseph as a Child (ca.
Intriguingly, an expansion of such considerations into the field of evolutionary biology invites viewing all dynamic and living processes semiotically and teleologically.
The first five chapters explicate entrepreneurial culture deconstructively and semiotically, exploring the social-discursive construction of the entrepreneur.
It is hard to say sometimes whether Ellis is a rhetorician fighting for the cause of speech-freedom, or a postmodern saboteur (there is a difference); whether he is vehemently opposed to high-centrist culture as a whole, or an advocate of the kind of cagey, covert, edgy, semiotically complex poems he himself crafts.
They become semiotically aroused--everything has meaning, patterns.
Although Giovanni opposes nature to culture, nature in this play is as semiotically coded as culture.
But the meaning of her signs is deferred because her spinning will eventuate in a weaving, a woven end product, her textum, which prefigures semiotically the ordered text of the answer she soon will write with her spindle functioning as her pen.
Similarly, Balzac's "type" is both analogous to and distinct from a number of quasisynonyms and semiotically related terms, such as the classical allegory, the figura, the caractere, and the condition.