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of or relating to semiotics


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From there, Steiner skips to the twentieth century theoretician Yurii Lotman (1922-1993), a professor at the University of Tartu, who developed a semiotical philosophy of culture and who may have been to some extent influenced by both Herder and Grigoryev.
According to this discussion, similarity is a purely semiotical matter, and concerns how entities are similar within a given semantic network.
semiotical turn, Eco has always kept a critical distance from the
Cultural semiotics started from the realisation that in a semiotical sense culture is a multi-language system, where, in parallel to natural languages, there exist secondary modelling systems (mythology, ideology, ethics etc.), which are based on natural languages, or which employ natural languages for their description or explanation (music, ballet) or language analogisation (language of theatre, language of movies).
are closely, almost inseparably allied" and that a tragedy might best be constructed as "a living semiotical display, a series of anthropological experiments developed for the purpose of ascertaining some important psychical principle." (8) At his death Beddoes left behind just such an experiment in tragical anatomy--his own (fittingly unfinished) masterpiece, an elaborate pastiche of Jacobean horror, entitled Death's Jestbook.