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partially opaque

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After regeneration in water cellulose L left a twisting string with a disorganized rough surface, MC usually left a semiopaque string with a smooth surface, and NF left a winding string with an organized rough surface.
Epistemological consideration of the world begins where this bustling confusion and tangled interweaving of significant things and events in human life and experience ends and replaces concrete and directed interest and participation in the semiopaque arena of natural phenomena and human activity with the simple demand that the reality of the container of all these allegedly real things, including ourselves as human beings, be demonstrated and the knowability of its objects certified.
The side of the dome toward the projector was coated with matte-finish semiopaque spray enamel (Color-Touch[TM]) to create a surface suitable for the back projection.
A semiopaque cover that is incorporated into the strips enables the user to see whether a blood sample has filled the test chamber.
(Vitreous paint is made of ground glass in a liquid binder; after application it is fused to the surface of the glass by being fired in a kiln.) Thick, opaque paint was used to create lines, while thinner, semiopaque washes were used to produce shading.
* Since the display medium emits light but is transparent, how can you simulate semiopaque objects?
The resulting mesoscopic oxide film was around 1 [micro]m thick and semiopaque.
Metalorganic and metal-free dyes were adsorbed onto transparent and semiopaque mesoporous titania thin films and onto a semiopaque film form commercial P25 titania.
A compartmentalized set was built from a recycled element of an earlier environment combined with a simple post-and-beam structure made out of two-by-fours and covered with semiopaque plastic sheeting.