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(philosophy) a philosophical theory of the functions of signs and symbols

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Each file had a numeric identification code, which facilitated the matching process of the files with the socio-demographic and semiology document sheets.
Conventional wisdom' (which is, in effect, a concept of popular sociology and philosophy) often touches on some of the practical norms, in any case the most common ones--if only, as we have already seen, through semiology.
Cryptogenic 11 4 5 1 21 Total 200 Table 2: Semiology in Relation to Cause Semiology Infections Vascular Metabolic Neoplastic GTCS 68 28 21 1 Simple 2 Complex 3 2 1 20 Generalised 11 8 1 3 Status Epilepticus 3 2 1 Semiology Toxins Defaulters Cryptogenic Others GTCS 5 13 17 3 Simple Complex 20 Generalised 1 1 1 Status Epilepticus 1 3 Table 3: AES Patients with Various Aetiology Aetiology Male Female JE 4 2 HSV 0 2 TBM 1 2 Unknown 20 6 Dengue 0 1 Malaria 1 1 Typhoid 1 1 Total 27 15 Fig.
There must be correlation shown between semiology (clinical presentation, e.
Last but not least stroke, the third cause of death worldwide, has very unique sex and gender based symptomatology and semiology.
Since then the field has further solidified through a number of works, most notably Christian Wedemeyer's Making Sense of Tantric Buddhism: History, Semiology, and Transgression in the Indian Traditions, and in numerous articles by Robert Gimello, as well as in the chapters of the recent volume Esoteric Buddhism and the Tantras in East Asia, edited by Charles Orzech, Henrik Sorensen, and Richard Payne (but also, and importantly, in a range of recently completed doctoral dissertations that should soon see the lights of revision and publication).
Semiology of lung ultrasonography--Dynamic monitoring available at the patient's bedside **
By intentionally inverting the sculptural iconic heads and transforming them as possible flower vases, Mathieu is tackling a primordial ontological question pertaining to the meaning of an image as sign and to semiology.
As a distinguished morphologist, Pavel is aware of the challenge posed by the union of semiology, gesture studies and performance studies.
Patients were implanted subdural electrodes according to clinical history, seizure semiology and surface electroencephalogram (EEG) investigations.
Joao Kogawa: In Mitologias (BARTHES, 1980), a bit like what you say in Metamorfoses do discurso politico (COURTINE, 2006) (with texts chosen and translated by Carlos Piovezani and Nilton Milanez), there is the idea that, with the emergence of the big media, it was essential to build a science of semiology.
To be sure, Paulicelli's arguments are based on treatises, letters, satires, catalogues, and engravings; however, her focus is mostly on the centrality of literature in understanding the complex semiology of fashion and its socio-political ramifications.
Title: Medical Semiology Physiopathology Semiology And Propaedeutics.
Popa" Iasi, First Medical Department, Discipline of Medical Semiology, Str.
2) Semiology is an important linguistic tool that forms part of Wedemeyer's methodology.