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(philosophy) a philosophical theory of the functions of signs and symbols

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10.7% 76.8% Do you consider that medical semiology is equivalent and could replace internal medicine in medical teaching?
Depression, Anxiety, Stress Scale and Psychological Capital Scale were used to measure psychological semiology.
The type of seizure semiology was different in different studies from various countries including Nepal.
Our aim was to document the specific semiology of Puerto Rican patients that were treated or evaluated by the second author.
The Best Emirati Academic Book Award went to Dr Maitha Majid Al Shamsi for her book 'The Semiology of Sign in Contemporary Emirati Theatre'.
In 1967, Roland Barthes wrote the seminal texts of semiology (later semiotics), Systeme de la mode, or The Fashion System.
Formulated in the first decade of the twentieth century, this strain complemented an emerging semiology, derived from structural linguistics and formalist literary theory, with a theory of signification derived from the natural sciences.
This is not a practical book, he warns, nor a philosophy or semiology of numbers, nor numerology, but an introduction to number theory that he invites readers to work through at leisure, working out the exercises and thinking about ideas until they make sense.
Although advances in neurosciences using various techniques to address the etiology and physiopathology of mental disorders have provided objective information to locate them in their corresponding place in medical pathology, certain essential elements of medicine have been lost, such as a broad clinical interview and a detailed semiology, both of which are essential to arriving at a correct diagnosis and providing an accurate therapeutic approach.
Seizure semiology shows laughing and multiple other seizure types.
Tracing the history of medical semiology in painting and image, he suggests that affect is palimpsested in the body and that it produces character, gait, and the shapes of bodily posture that are then read as expressions of interior experiences of emotion.
Besides these indicators, the children's oral cavity was observed in nutritional semiology regarding the presence of wounds and trophic changes in the skin, hair and skin appendages (or adnexa), as well as the presence of edema in the lower limbs and abdominal distension.
Most common type of seizure semiology in study was generalised pattern.