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(philosophy) a philosophical theory of the functions of signs and symbols

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This distinction has been defended in various forms by many later Indian semiologists, though it has also been contested--oddly enough, chiefly by poeticians, to whom similitude is the relation par excellence.
Having identified the three great enemies which Anti-Oedipus attacks as 'political ascetics', 'poor technicians of desire--psychoanalysts and semiologists' and 'fascism', he goes on to describe the work in general as 'An Introduction to the Non-Fascist Life'.
For example, Formalism was stimulated by the futurism of Mayakovski and Khlebnikov (Pomorska); the Prague school was more "academic," but still entertained a close dialogue with the Czech avant-garde of the late twenties and thirties; or, among the French structuralists, *the semiologists around Barthes helped to lay the ground rules for some neoavant-gardist experimentation of the "nouveauroman" in the sixties; in France this collaboration led its participants into "post-structuralism." The other side of the coin is that the antimimetic ideology of avant-garde--as' we show in our Metaestructuralismo (85-92)--has molded in its own image even the alleged scientific projects of structuralist aesthetics, poetics, and semiotics.
Semiologists share with readers of Simenon's detective stories a realization that small details are significant.
Like many contemporary semiologists, Rousseau sees human behaviors as reflecting language.
Lofts ignores that Cassirer is demonstrably much closer to interpreters of religious phenomena such as Schelling, Coleridge, Buber, Jung, and Eliade than to any structuralists, post-structuralists, semiologists, or hermeneuticists, and shoves him instead into a Lacanian/Procrustean bed.
To start creating this Competitor Advertising Decoding Kit, key beer brands' advertising was sourced from six representative markets worldwide -- Cameroons, Germany, Malaysia, Spain, UK and USA -- and analysed by semiologists with expert knowledge of these markets.
Form is not content but carries content (what semiologists apply the misnomer `signifier' to), it is not a signified but carries the signified.
But this is not a system of movie making that imposes an inflexible formula on film directors; it is more precisely a "group style" and as in any group style there are always several alternatives available for achieving the same results: "there is always another way to do something," notes Bordwell; "a group style [...] establishes what semiologists call a paradigm, a set of elements which can, according to rules, substitute for one another" (5).