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partially clothed

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Ferris also stood naked in front of the girl while he took a Polaroid photograph of himself and took a seminude picture of the victim.
However, her family said she had suffered insomnia and depression after taking on sexually explicit roles in "Scarlet Letter" and agreeing to a seminude scene for "Firebird.
Meant to be timeless, the pictures were taken in black and white with the family members seminude or wearing solid colors.
She commissioned the work and insisted on posing seminude.
The seminude photos Huene took of Horst are idealized images that are not only a testament to his young lover's beauty but exquisite examples of how Greek and Roman classicism influenced Huene's style.
The district court held that the confiscation complied with the First Amendment even though only a small percentage of photographs were of seminude children.
Slinking through the sinuous bolero in Sondheim's 1971 Follies, she and a partner stopped the show - no mean feat considering they shared the stage with seminude showgirls in sky-high Marie Antoinette headdresses.
In 1993 he outraged authorities by posing seminude in For Women.
These images segue into orangey smoke spreading like ink in water, and then into a team of scuba divers surrounding a plastic modular sphere encasing two seminude men.
Danny has no interest in doing seminude love scenes, and his show is more black-and-white, less gray, than `NYPD,' '' executive producer Richard DiLello said.
At the back of the gallery, projected on the floor, a forty-five-minute video, Despliegite (Display), 2001, showed the artist by turns clothed, seminude, and completely nude, surrounded by the props and costumes with which she works.
When she saw a copy of the book, however, she was shocked to see that it included photos of the royal family side by side with seminude photos of athletes and models.