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malignant tumor of the testis

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The histotypes include seminoma, embryonal carcinoma, yolk sac tumor, trophoblastic tumors, teratoma, mixed germ cell tumor, and regressed germ cell tumor.
In contrast, seminomas have a good prognosis and are highly sensitivity to both chemotherapy and radiation (5).
[3] EBM due to testicular seminomas is extremely rare; for this reason, we want to present our case.
Case reports of seminomas in birds have involved older birds of various species, geographic regions, and dietary requirements.
Size is an important prognostic risk factor for seminoma. Determination of GCNIS is essential because of two important situation; one is new terminology GCNIS is adopted in staging in Tis category, and second, changes in nomenclature of germ cell tumors require this finding.
(1) the differing histology of testicular GCTs (seminomas or NSGCTs) drives the different tissue expression and the detectability in serum of various hCG variants (13);
The simultaneous occurrence of seminoma and Leydig cell tumor in the unilateral testis is extremely rare.
When looking at patients with pure seminoma, however, the racial disparities are less impactful for unclear reasons [21].
There was no membranous staining in pure seminomas, but it was present in two embryonal carcinomas.
Figures 1-3 are depicting microscopic pictures of teratocarcinoma, seminoma and malignant fibrous histiocytoma.
The pathologic findings were consistent with a seminoma. He was staged as Stage IIIA, pT1N3M1aS1 given the metastases to the retroperitoneum and lungs.
Hypercalcemia secondary to dual mechanisms has been reported in hematological malignancies and certain solid tumors like ovarian cancers, pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors, seminomas, and renal cell carcinomas [11, 12].
Germ cell tumors are further classified as seminomas and nonseminomas.
Approximately, 90% of these tumours are seminomas, especially those that occur in the abdominally located testis.
Seminomas complicating undescended intraabdominal testes in patients with prior negative findings from surgical exploration.