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a student at a seminary (especially a Roman Catholic seminary)

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the Third Republic, handed down by the one-time seminarist of
The "ageing revisionism" that portrays activist seminarist clergy as atypical is quite laid to rest in this volume (288).
For instance, though the first viscount adopted a conformist pose, after his death the regime launched a crackdown on his following, arresting, among others, Robert Barnes, who had been actively working to provide a seminarist clergy for the Hampshire and Sussex border region.
A certain young Georgian seminarist named Dzhugashvili was punished by his superiors on being found in possession of Hugo's forbidden novel, Quatrevingt-treize (1873), set in the Vendee in 1793 during the revolutionary Terror.
His story can be evinced by the autobiography L'uva puttanella, which recounts his childhood in Tricarico, his attending school as a seminarist with the Jesuits (the only way in which his family could provide him with a higher education), and his incarceration because of a political vendetta (Angrisani; Rossi Doria).
John Nichols, a renegade seminarist who made damning allegations against Campion and against whom Persons conducted a lethal literary campaign, probably moved in radical Puritan circles.
Written partly in the form of letters, it is a psychological study of the inner struggles of a seminarist who falls in love with an attractive widow and eventually renounces the priesthood.
It is interesting to note that Stalin was a former seminarist and it is important to note how he guided communism as a religion.
One of the movement's leading figures, the former Franciscan seminarist Manuel Buenacasa, worked in Saragossa; another Aragonese leader, the schoolteacher Ramon Acin, funded the making of Las Hurdes.
It is inspiring and a must know for everyone," said Ana Blanco, a 23-year-old nurse, who has come to Kolkata with a group of 18 seminarists - students training to be priests at a Roman Catholic seminary - and preachers from Madrid,
Several of the essays take up a position more likely to appeal to readers of the James Joyce Quarterly than my seminarists.
For such maddening of brains and twisting of tongues as these unhappy seminarists were put through, I never saw the like.
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