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a student at a seminary (especially a Roman Catholic seminary)

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Along these lines, one seminarian stated, "I've taught both [Catholic grade school religion classes and parish religious education classes], and there is a huge difference between the attitudes and understanding of middle school kids in Catholic school and [those that don't go to Catholic school].
Having made a documentary on faith and having taught courses on documentary film about religion to seminarians, I became interested in the specific category of documentary film on religion and spirituality--a grossly under-represented genre within the mainstream media.
The first month was very tough, because there was no talking most of the time between the 20-odd other seminarians who started with me, just prayer.
I've heard a lot in recent days about how seminarians made complaints through anonymous letters - this is being used as a reason for why the complaints are not being investigated.
First, it was wonderful that the seminarians got to play against other young men, so that they and the rest of us from across southern Ontario could meet each other as well as the Sisters of Life.
Minutes later when Ragas emerged from the cottage, he saw the unconscious Mbende in the bottom of the pool prompting him to plunge in after the seminarian.
The One Hundred Twenty-Five Commands Of Jesus by former pastor and theological seminarian Peter Wittstock directly addresses what the author feels is an epidemic of apostasy afflicting the Christian churches in this opening decade of the 21st Century.
Miracles'' stars Skeet Ulrich as seminarian Paul Callan, who investigates phenomena the Catholic Church can't explain (let's just say the Catholic Church can't explain a lot these days).
After leaving seminary, Bollard became the first former seminarian ever to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against the Jesuits.
In the film, this man is the fictional Michael Kovak, an affable seminarian who doubts his vocation and suffers from weak faith.
What about a seminarian who had a crush on his best friend in sixth grade?
We request our generous readers to help needy seminarians we're supporting under our "Adopt-A- Seminarian" scholarship program.
Does the seminary deal with a seminarian who sways when he walks, who has limp wrists, who acts like a drama queen or who lisps?
In their first year, each seminarian is placed in a parish where the pastor and staff, together with 12 laypeople, form a team that works with the seminarian for four years.
One was a seminarian from Zaire, and one was a young Albanian woman, symbolizing the suffering of today's world.
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