seminal vesicle

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either of a pair of glands located on either side of the male urinary bladder that open into the vas deferens and that secrete many components of semen during ejaculation

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We found males over 170 cm TL with sperm as compound spermatozeugamata in the seminal vesicle (Fig.
Small portions of tissue representing the gonad -digestive gland complex and the seminal vesicle were fixed in Gendre (Gabe) at 4[degrees]C for seven hours, and histological preparations were made as described above.
pumilio is very similar to the one redescribed by Chen [1] for the smaller size of the body and seminal receptacle, and the larger size of the seminal vesicle.
Also, ventral prostate and seminal vesicle were carefully dissected out, cleaned of the adhering connective tissues and accurately weighed.
If the last part of the ejaculate that consists of seminal vesicle fluid is missing, the coagulum will not formed, the pH will be decreased, the volume will be decreased, and the sperm concentration will be falsely elevated due to the loss of the diluting effect of the seminal vesicle fluid.
No extraprostatic extension or seminal vesicle invasion was identified and the surgical margins were negative.
There was a cystic lesion at the anatomical site of seminal vesicle which is not seen separately, the prostate also appeared smaller in size.
Volume mensuration: The testes and seminal vesicle volumes were estimated by water displacement method.
Extra capsular extension (ECE) / Seminal Vesicle (SV) involvement
Introduction: To evaluate the utility of 3 Tesla (3T) pelvic phased-array (PPA) multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging (mpMRI) to predict extracapsular extension (ECE) and seminal vesicle invasion (SVI) and its subsequent effect on radical prostatectomy (RP) surgical margin status.
Computerized tomography images showed a 6 cm heterogeneous, infiltrative tumor within the prostate gland extending to the trigon of the bladder, left seminal vesicle and rectum.
Moreover, the effects of kisspeptin administration on histomorphological and ultrastructure of accessory sex glands, the seminal vesicle and prostate have also been documented (Ramzan et al.
Magnetic resonance imaging of the pelvis demonstrated a dilated right ureter ectopically draining into a multiloculated cystic mass representing an ectatic right seminal vesicle (Figure 2).
sup][1] Seminal vesicle paragangliomas have been reported to involve bladder and prostate.