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Synonyms for semimonthly

a periodical that is published twice each month (or 24 issues per year)

occurring twice a month


Related Words

twice a month


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Your semimonthly paydays meet the basic requirements of this law, but it is up to your policy to fill in the specifics.
A Sanitation Department official told the paper that collections would become semimonthly, returning to weekly collections in April 2004.
Copley News Service is syndicating Marsha Kay Seff's semimonthly "Parent Care" column, which focuses on caring for aging parents.
Besides catalogs and semimonthly flyers, NAEIR members can use its shopping Web site called NAEIR e-xpress, which offers items such as office supplies, janitorial products, tools and even an occasional air conditioner or office desk.
The News-Telegraph, with 14,000 copies distributed semimonthly in St.
The next semimonthly issue of Metalworking Insiders' Report will contain a special report that exclusively details results of the unique study, conducted annually by Gardner Publications, Inc.
BLS hours and earnings series are subject to noneconomic calendar-related fluctuations caused by response error in semimonthly and monthly reports and the processing limitations of the payroll survey
Instead, answer potential clients' questions accurately and quickly, and ask if they would appreciate getting your semimonthly e-newsletter with helpful tips on investing and timely news on particular products (SEC and other regulatory agencies permitting).
Marvin Zonis is a professor at the Graduate School of Business at the University of Chicago and the editor of International Political Economy, a semimonthly publication on global developments.
Since participants liked our semimonthly loan processing, it made sense to set all disbursements to the same cycle, so we now pay every 15 days instead of once a month.
The miners won an eight-hour work day, semimonthly pay, abolition of company stores, and biennial conferences.
Already well-known in the industry and operated in partnership with Financial Services Online, the Internet-based service features: a referred leads identification system; access to a comprehensive library of informative, sales-oriented materials on financial and investment planning, personal insurance, business insurance and estate planning; complete, ready-made personal, business and estate planning presentations; sales support materials such as planning "one-pagers," analysis calculators, tables and sample documents; and a free subscription to Financial E-News, a semimonthly e-mail newsletter that provides marketing and industry updates.
Convert all State employees to a semimonthly lagpay cycle beginning as soon as possible ?
Keep up with the latest tools and trends in technology with SFTECHNOTES, now a semimonthly blog at SFmagazine.