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Synonyms for semimonthly

a periodical that is published twice each month (or 24 issues per year)

occurring twice a month


Related Words

twice a month


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Additionally, in the event the moratorium expires and the tax is again imposed on sales in 2018, it may be prudent for the tax technology system to be in place for companies to begin making semimonthly deposits of tax and filing excise tax returns in early 2018 without a last-minute scramble to become compliant.
To more efficiently provide you with the late-breaking news affecting the franchise community, we recently converted our semimonthly IFA Insider newsletter to an all-electronic format.
Any chance you'd become a semimonthly? We creatures of habit require more regularity; it's what we thrive on.
The AP stated that the semimonthly Lundberg Survey found gas prices had dropped nearly 8 cents over the previous four weeks.
1 factor consumers cite as prompting a specific shopping trip is for monthly or semimonthly grocery item replenishment, up to 65% in this year's survey from 60% in 2003.
Question: We pay our employees semimonthly, on the fifth and the 20th of each month.
Of 72 patients receiving lamivudine therapy (100 mg/day), 15 were assigned to also receive concomitant semimonthly treatments with intradermal commercial vaccine containing hepatitis B surface antigen for 6 months, starting 3 months after initiation of lamivudine therapy.
An exciting new semimonthly electronic newsletter for financial and senior executives in the pulp and paper industries.
A bonus at this website is several other publications focusing on intelligence and the arts, a new semimonthly newsletter on the arts in education, and a powerful audio statement on the importance of the arts delivered by actor Richard Dreyfus.
Each semimonthly issue consists of a company case study.
A Sanitation Department official told the paper that collections would become semimonthly, returning to weekly collections in April 2004.
Copley News Service is syndicating Marsha Kay Seff's semimonthly "Parent Care" column, which focuses on caring for aging parents.
These people have developed a sophisticated working schedule in which they know exactly who should be called daily, weekly, biweekly (every other week), semimonthly (twice a month), bimonthly (every other month), annually, biannually (twice a year) and biennially (every two years).
Besides catalogs and semimonthly flyers, NAEIR members can use its shopping Web site called NAEIR e-xpress, which offers items such as office supplies, janitorial products, tools and even an occasional air conditioner or office desk.
These sessions will probably need to be weekly or at least semimonthly. Yes, it costs money.