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literate but poorly informed

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barely able to read and write

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able to read but not to write

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It would be overstating the case to suggest that Keefe's semiliteracy serves only to emphasize Lardner's suspicion that the Major League world tour might help the United States to avoid a military "bout" with Japan.
Is Britain suffering from institutionalised semiliteracy?)
In the absence of schools or inability to attend, the only options were illiteracy, semiliteracy and home schooling.
It may also connect to the fact that at least a semiliteracy is now almost universal; that knowing how to read--once a valued, painfully acquired skill--is now more or less taken for granted, with familiarity's usual consequence.
Amid the gloom of semiliteracy and the postmodern denial of special truth-value to science, this is a bright spot.
These books tend to be self-published at first, and indeed their grandiose semiliteracy will be familiar to anyone who has done time in a publisher's slushpile.