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Ongoing diarrhea was watery in 24 children (28.91%), semiliquid in 28 (33.75%), mucoid in 26 (31.32%), and blood-stained in five (6.02%).
This research focused on the study of the effects of GS processing into semiliquid micronized ingredients on the phenolic profile and reducing capacity compared to air-drying and freeze-drying.
Ethiopian traditional fermented alcoholic beverages are either liquid or semiliquid. The liquid samples such as Telia, Tej, Birz, Netch Telia, Filter Telia, and Keribo were filtered before analysis.
Improvement of the mass rearing of larvae of the Neotropical lacewing Chrysoperla externa through the incorporation of a new semiliquid artificial diet.
To 15 ml of 0.7% semiliquid Man, Rogosa, Sharp (MRS, HiMedia) agar cooled to 50[degrees]C was added 1 ml of indicator culture ([10.sup.8] CFU/ml) (McFarland standard set, HiMedia).
Consistency of stool was evaluated through a score system, as described by previously [15], and stool was graded as 1 (normal), 2 (loose), 3 (semiliquid), and 4 (liquid).
The reason for these atypical endoscopic findings was that the patient swallowed PSMC powder and drank water, resulting in slow movement of the semiliquid material from the pharynx to the upper esophagus.
Diarrheal syndrome, which causes the loss of water and electrolytes in semiliquid and liquid feces, occurs mainly due to the proliferation of Escherichia coli and other pathogenic bacteria in the gut after weaning [12].
Mensink [52] compared the effects of a high-palmitic acid, trans-free semiliquid fat with those of a high-oleic acid, low-trans semiliquid fat on the serum lipids of healthy subjects.
The cat fat measure is calculated as follows: cat fat = 0.5 * illiquid assets (cat) + 0 * semiliquid assets (cat) - 0.5 * liquid assets + 0.5 * liquid liabilities - 0.5 * illiquid liabilities - 0.5 * equity + 0.5 * illiquid guarantees - 0.5 * liquid guarantees - 0.5 * liquid derivatives.
As a result, after 30 min in a culture with Mycobacterium bovis inside the semiliquid DIR nutrient medium a diffused staining of culture in purple color was detected (Figure 6).
fraterculus larvae had reached late third instar, they were removed from the semiliquid diet and mixed to an EPN-free soil for at least 30 minutes before use them in the bioassay, to avoid carrying excess of moisture and diet residues to the experimental plots.
The cosmetics industry uses it in the manufacture of make-up powders and as a viscosity improver and vehicle for semiliquid materials such as cold creams [1].