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The Elite 1500 is also waterproof, floats, has Rainguard lens coating, an internal low-light LED for minimum light conditions of dawn and dusk, operates with a 9-volt battery, comes in its own semihard molded carrying case complete with carry strap, and weighs all of 10 ounces.
The cuff has a semihard shell that fits easily on the arm, with no need to adjust a loose fitting cuff.
Special features: Custom-made, vinyl-liner pool with concrete walls and semihard bottom; rock waterfall; spillover spa with fiberglass sheik patio paver stone deck.
through it Asphalt Pavers: Asphalt combined Semihard if with loose aggregate and molded not applied into square, rectangular, or over hexagonal shapes.
These semihard cheeses--named after the Mennonite settlers who introduced them to the region--are similar to Queso Quesadilla and Menonita found in the United States.
CHEESE Cows milk, mature - Alison Grooms, Penybryn, Llandysul; mild - South Caernarvon Cremeries, Pwllheli; hard, or semihard - South Caernarvon Creameries.
Switzerland Cheese Marketing had several new artisanal cheeses, including the distinctive Monsieur Dijon, a mild semisoft variety with mustard seeds that is aged 60 days; Don Olivo, a semisoft cheese with bits of black olive; and Vacaprino, a wonderfully tangy, sexy blend of goat's milk and cow's milk in a semihard wheel with a lovely brown washed rind.
Bayles and Clark (1954) described Utac as, "kernels white, semihard to hard" which would be consistent with a cultivar having a mixture of hard and soft kernels.
Asphalt Pavers: Asphalt Semihard if X combined with loose not applied aggregate and molded over into square, rectangular, concrete or hexagonal shapes.
For instance, blending of polyunsaturated vegetable oils with tropical oils usually results in a semihard fat that does not require hydrogenation, but is high in saturated fats.
Thus, this research was carried out with the aim to study the propagation of Drimys brasiliensis by rooting of semihard wood cuttings, subjected to different concentrations of indolebutyric acid (IBA), collected in four seasons of the year (autumn, winter, spring and summer).
Semihard to hard aged cow-milk cheeses Bandage-Wrapped Cheddar Fiscalini Cheese Co.
These semihard cheeses, named after the Mennonite settlers who introduced them to the region, are similar to Queso Quesadilla and Menonita found in the United States.
Aged over 60 days, the pale yellow cheese is semihard with a slightly nutty flavor.