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a paint that dries with a finish between glossy and flat

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Legibility is a function of the contrast between matte and semigloss black paint that, depending on the light source, may shift to dark gray.
The printing will be different; the text pages will appear on semigloss paper.
Printing side of the paper is semigloss white surface, while the back side is white.
For a black high-glossy latex paint and a black semigloss latex paint, the color strength for P41E was about 10% and 16% higher than those for other dispersants, respectively (Figs.
The well-to-do gentleman, I presume, who paid for the build chose the colors from Gun Kote's broad spectrum, which includes flat black, semigloss black, flat and semigloss OD green, flat or semigloss light or dark gray, flat white, stainless steel, brown, tan, gold, red, international orange, royal blue, and clear.
Yolo's 40 paint colors are grouped in seven nature-based categories (water, grain, stone, clay, air, leaf and petal) and are available in flat, satin and semigloss.
This book is a permanent record of that exhibition, reproduced on quality semigloss coated paper.
The roller of this model is velour and is used with semigloss and gloss coatings on architectural features up to three inches in diameter.
The Photo Glossy paper has a semigloss, pearl finish and is excellent for general-purpose prints from digital cameras, scanned images, and photo CDs.
In spaces where the countertops are black, light is absorbed, making it difficult to see, while the semigloss finish can reflect the glare from direct lay-in fixtures.
We also have what we call transitional furniture, which has the styled legs and maple semigloss finishes.
The above copolymers are widely used in all types of paint formulations: interior and exterior; semigloss and gloss; and primers and topcoats.
Then apply two coats of white semigloss latex paint.