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moderately formal

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Despite the significant increase in the supply of pro-poor financial services nationwide in recent years, very few formal institutions (public and private banks) and semiformal institutions (microfinance programmes such as saving and credit unions, village banks, or village development funds) (1) operate outside urban areas, and only 30 per cent of small saving credit unions are located in rural areas (GIZ 2014).
This phenomenon is a result of the variation that is also observed in the number of semiformal and formal enterprises, which ranges between 140 and 27,000 in the case of semi-formal enterprises, and 32 to 13,248 in the case of formal ones.
The data on the subject school was gathered using participant observation, semiformal and informal interviews.
Este tipo de estructuras son comunes en el habla cotidiana; sin embargo, en el discurso semiformal y semi-informal de las entrevistas sociolinguisticas, es dificil encontrarlas, tal vez porque los informantes consideran que son formas demasiado familiares para expresarlas en la situacion semiformal y semi-informal de la entrevista sociolinguistica.
In the evening, the WPI community will celebrate at the semiformal Intergalactic Ball.
It is targeting both informal and semiformal workers, who account for 90% of the workforce and low-income individuals.
The fashion house has three brand offerings including - a conventional pret brand offering ethnic every day and semiformal wear - Ritu Kumar, a premium bridal and formal wear line - Ri, and a fashion pret line - Label.
Los conceptos de cuidado y cuidado formal, informal y semiformal
Funky caps, aviators, velvet blazers and semiformal jackets have been his favourite this year.
En general, las demas colaboraciones de Fictions in Science no abundan en aquello que otrora fue muy apreciado y discutido por los iniciadores de las diversas variantes semanticistas, a saber, la identificacion de las teorias cientificas con base en sus familias de modelos, y el aparato semiformal idoneo (o la idoneidad de la ausencia de tal aparato) para revelar la estructura conceptual de los modelos de tal o cual teoria.
Semiformal for Springfield-area middle school students.
The contribution of this paper can be categorized as follows: (1) Analysis of access control challenges of mission-critical CPSs; (2) Concepts of emergency degree and emergency dependency, and the classification of emergency dependency; (3) Evaluation metrics of emergency degree for CPSs; (4) A novel adaptive and proactive Access Control model for Emergencies (AC4E) of mission-critical CPSs; (5) A semiformal validation of the AC4E model with respect to responsiveness, correctness, safety, non-repudiation and concurrency,respectively; (6) A case study to demonstrate how the AC4E model detects, responds and control multiple emergencies for a typical CPS adaptively in a proactive manner.
Cooperatives are voluntary, semiformal, interdistrict agreements between two or more school districts for the purpose of sharing resources and services.
Reflecting its semiformal status, it is printed on the alien registration card in brackets next to the legal name.