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the apparent radius of a celestial body when viewed as a disc from the earth

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To measure resistance change of this sensor under bending, the device was placed on a curved surface (e.g., surface of a cylinder) with bending curvature of [delta] = 1/r (r is the semidiameter of the cylinder), as shown in Figure 2(b).
Geocentric phases of the Venus transit of 2012 June 5-6 UT P Least distance of centres d h m s o ' " [d.sub.m] Ingress, exterior 5 22 09 37 40.7 contact Ingress, interior 5 22 27 34 38.2 contact Mid transit 6 01 29 36 345.4 9 14.4 +0.59 Egress, interior 6 04 31 38 292.7 contact Egress, exterior 6 04 49 35 290.1 contact Apparent 15' 45".7 semidiameter of Sun Apparent 29".1 semidiameter of Venus Table 2.
There are eight semidiameter lines with eight intersection dots (on each line) where the eight octagons cross through each line.
It was known that in this case 16' was to be subtracted for the sun's semidiameter (radius): on 19 February, a lower-limb observation was made with the self-constructed quadrant, and the correction is mentioned explicitly.
is provided by the formula [40] [phi](x, y) = -(([a.sup.2][k.sub.2] - [b.sup.2][k.sub.1])/ ([a.sup.2][k.sub.2] + [b.sup.2][k.sub.1]))xy + c, with c [member of] R, [k.sub.1], [k.sub.2], [k.sub.3] [member of]]0, +[infinity][ and a, b lengths of the ellipse semidiameters. Plots of the shear modulus [[mu].sub.x] and of the warping [phi] are provided in Figures 1 and 2.
The semidiameters of low frequency arcs of steel electrodes coated with HYC are larger than those of steel electrodes coated with HYG.