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a region much like a desert but usually located between a desert and the surrounding regions

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In Mongolia, the distribution is highly mosaic being restricted to oases in semidesert and desert zones; it is never found in lowland and mountain steppes or alpine grasslands, which are dominated by Microtus oeconomus and Microtus (Stenocranius) gregalis.
Site-based and modeling studies of these semidesert grasslands have reported declines in native perennial grasses and increases in nonnative and opportunistic species following prolonged droughts with below average precipitation and above average temperatures (Munson et al., 2013; Moran et al., 2014; Gremer et al., 2015).
Pronghorn (Antilocapra americana) food habits on a semidesert grassland range in Arizona.--Proc.
Monte Desert is a subtropical to warm temperate desert and semidesert located in western Argentina (Abraham et al., 2009) (Fig.
In this study, I analyzed the diet of the Great Horned Owl along a vegetation gradient from a farmland (an artificial grassland and parkland), through a natural grassland, to a semidesert with sparse grass and shrub vegetation.
| Falling Up by Dana Liesegang with Natasha Stoynoff is published REVIEWS Recipes For Love & Murder by Sally Andrew Publisher: Canongate, Price: PS12.99, ebook PS1.49 THE colourful backdrop for this debut novel is South Africa's beautiful but unforgiving semidesert region, Klein Karoo.
They are native to prairies and semidesert areas across Eurasia.
In this study, we aim at evaluating the environmental fate of Zn, Ni, and Cd in characteristic semidesert calcareous soils irrigated with treated wastewater by investigating the (1) sorption behaviors of these heavy metals and (2) distribution of these metals among soil chemical components.
It is widespread in desert and semidesert areas of the Saharo-Arabian region from northern Africa through the eastern Mediterranean and the Arabian Peninsula to Iraq.
Zhou et al., "Validation of MODIS global land surface albedo product using ground measurements in a semidesert region on the Tibetan Plateau," Journal of Geophysical Research D: Atmospheres, vol.
Abichou et al., "Zaderg environmental history of the semidesert region in southern Tunisia," Zentralblatt fur Geologie und Palaontologie, Teil I, no.