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partially devoid of light or brightness

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The individuals were transported to the Hatchery of Marine Invertebrates, Universidad Austral de Chile (Aquaculture Institute at Puerto Montt; 41[degrees] 42'S, 72[degrees] 50'W), where they were placed in individual flow-through 80-L black tanks with aerated seawater kept at 30-31% salinity; in a semidark environment with a 12:12 h light/dark photoperiod.
Females were put in a semidark environment with a 12:12 h light:dark photoperiod and were fed daily with white fish (Odontestes sp.) to keep them from eating their spawn.
From reading the Saturday morning funnies while my father tied my hockey laces to sifting through boxes of musty books in the semidark corridors of fusty old comic-book shops, I collected and read (and still reread) as many of Charles M.
Ever since, I've tried to incorporate astronomy into any travel I do--even if it's little more than peering into a slightly foreign night sky from a semidark corner of a hotel parking lot.
Braein's works, which are dispersed throughout the space, take pleasure in this collapse of form and function by exaggerating it: The windowless galleries are kept semidark; two small lampshades dangle without bulbs from a wall.
Because of the light-sensitive properties of the product, operators worked in `safe light' (semidark) conditions.
Guides with kerosene lamps lit our way into one of the caves dotting the hillside; we stumbled in the semidark among coffins overflowing with bones.
It was semidark, but everywhere red eyes lit the darkness.
Soles Marcie's Father Jeff Conaway More stylish than "Heathers," but not nearly as witty or engaging, "Jawbreaker" is a reworking of the 1989 movie, a semidark, semi-campy high school satire with elements from "Carrie," "Nightmare on Elm Street, Clueless" and other classic school yarns.
I can spot Regulus A from a lighted parking lot, and an 8x50 finder is enough to show its 7.7-magnitude companion if I have a semidark sky.
Talking with him for five hours in a semidark cafe.