semicircular canal

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one of three tube loops filled with fluid and in planes nearly at right angles with one another

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In mastoid cavity, tegmen and lateral semicircular canal involvement were on the top respectively (39.
For a small number of patients with intractable posterior canal BPPV surgical occlusion of the semicircular canal is warranted.
Posterosuperior tract which starts in the mastoid and runs behind or above the bony labyrinth to the petrous apex, subarcuate pass through the arch of superior semicircular canal to reach the apex.
Sound- and/or pressure-induced vertigo due to bone dehiscence of the superior semicircular canal.
Three classes of input to a semicircular canal inter-neuron in the crab, Scylla serrata and a possible output.
HRCT was able to identify erosion of lateral semicircular canal in 4 patients, while intraoperative findings showed lateral semicircular canal erosion in 5 patients with a sensitivity of 80% and specificity of 100%.
In this article we report a new case of large bilateral internal auditory meatus, and we discuss the possibility that a developmental abnormality underlies superior semicircular canal dehiscence (SSCD) syndrome.
Structures defined are Superior semicircular canal, Facial nerve, Mastoid antrum, Tumor tissue, Mastoid tip, Sternocleidomastoid muscle and Middle fossa dura.
High-resolution computed tomography of the temporal bones revealed a hypoplastic bony island between the vestibule and horizontal semicircular canals, as well as incomplete bones coverage of the posterior semicircular canal crura bilaterally.
Sensory hair cells of the horizontal semicircular canal (HSCC) of the toadfish (Opsanus tau) exhibit two main types of rapidly activating potassium currents: a transient, or fast inactivating, current resembling an A current (IA), and a calcium activated potassium current (IKCa).
18,24-27) Middle ear osteomas may also arise from the pyramidal eminence, (10) hypotympanum, (25) and lateral semicircular canal.
If the dehiscence is located in the second genu, very close to the lateral semicircular canal, it is classified as dehiscence at the second genu.
14) They also found that the mean distance between the takeoff point of the chorda tympani and the lower border of the lateral semicircular canal was 12.
Until recently, testing methods primarily evaluated the integrity of the horizontal semicircular canal, which is only a portion of the vestibular system.
Erosion of the lateral semicircular canal was visualized on computed tomography (figure 2, B).