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Synonyms for semicircle

a plane figure with the shape of half a circle

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Now imagine a Priest, whose mouth is at M, and whose front semicircle(AMB) is consequently coloured red, while his hinder semicircle is green; so that the diameter AB divides the green from the red.
Then I have had two long beds made in the grass on either side of the semicircle, each sown with mignonette, and one filled with Marie van Houtte, and the other with Jules Finger and the Bride; and in a warm corner under the drawing-room windows is a bed of Madame Lambard, Madame de Watteville, and Comtesse Riza du Parc; while farther down the garden, sheltered on the north and west by a group of beeches and lilacs, is another large bed, containing Rubens, Madame Joseph Schwartz, and the Hen.
The path leading away from this semicircle down the garden is bordered with China roses, white and pink, with here and there a Persian Yellow.
During a few minutes there was a bright rainbow, and it was curious to observe the effect of the spray, which being carried along the surface of the water, changed the ordinary semicircle into a circle -- a band of prismatic colours being continued, from both feet of the common arch across the bay, close to the vessel's side: thus forming a distorted, but very nearly entire ring.
"And Moncharmin, behind Richard, also turned about; that is, he described a semicircle behind Richard and also WALKED BACKWARD!...And they went LIKE THAT to the staircase leading to the managers' office: BACKWARD, BACKWARD, BACKWARD!
The steam was shut off, and the Abraham Lincoln, beating to port, described a semicircle.
"What," asked the duke, "what do you mean?" and he gave him the cane again, first making a semicircle from the head to the tail of Pistache.
IN the early twilight of Thanksgiving Eve came Laurence, and Clara, and Charley, and little Alice, hand in hand, and stood in a semicircle round Grandfather's chair.
They were between Tarzan and the jungle, in a little semicircle that closed in upon him as they advanced.
Semicircle handles on most of the ceramic samples are typical for the Kura-Araz culture.
a package thermoshrinkable for vacuum packing of meat products of size 180 * 400 with a thickness of 85 microns (a bottom seam a semicircle) of 100 000 pieces, 26 400 byn
The foursome arrived right on schedule in the centre of a semicircle stage - erected from underneath - which extended into the crowd in front of an imposing stage.
He selected this shot if the opponent was between the closer gray semicircle or standing nearer the farther gray semicircle from his own position.
Once, when I was on tour with Atlanta Ballet doing Ohad Naharin's Minus 16, there was a moment before we started that iconic chair dance, standing in a semicircle, when I felt the energy of all the other dancers onstage and I knew they felt it too.
Scribe the other two circles approximately 24 inches from and at 90 degrees to the center of the long edge of each 8-foot semicircle piece.