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Synonyms for semicentennial

the 50th anniversary (or the celebration of it)

of or relating to or marking the 50th anniversary

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He believed that the Wolfe fund was a valuable way to celebrate the PLS semicentennial, as well as the former professor, who had been a Palladian himself: "Forty years ago this year Dr.
This semicentennial vintage, just released in January, boasts rich, complex flavors--dark prunes, chocolate, maraschino cherries, cumin, cardamom--and a lingering finish of sherry, oak and a hint of peat smoke.
From One Faith to the Other: Unamuno and Ernest Renan: Semicentennial Tribute to Miguel de Unamuno, Ramon del Valle-Inclan & Federico Garcia Lorca.
Following the precedent of Gneuss' issue in 1966 and 2001 of Zupitza's AElfrics Grammatik und Glossar (1880 [1966]), and in memory of the semicentennial of Yamamoto's winning the Japan Academy Prize, a voice for publishing a reprinted edition of Growth and system of the language Of Dickens was raised among English philologists in 2002, and won the approval of many people.
Only when the Free University celebrated its semicentennial in 1930 and its centennial anniversary in 1980, that the speech was reprinted.
History of the American Physiological Society Semicentennial, 1887-1937.
The adaptability of the landscapes is a critical factor, but apparently there are some adaptive limits that the community is facing as it passes its semicentennial.
Louis dissident proposed that the semicentennial celebration of woman suffrage be transformed into "be nice to a man day.
Monthly Review celebrated its semicentennial on May 7 with a Manhattan bash featuring loyalists Ossie Davis, Adrienne Rich and Cornel West, and a special retrospective May issue put together by MR Press editorial director Christopher Phelps.
The concurrent publication of these four volumes on Japanese Americans during the semicentennial observance of their World War II eviction and detention (the defining historical event for Japanese America) is less significant for Oral History Review, readers than the fact that they have been fashioned primarily from oral histories.
When Oberlin celebrated its semicentennial, thirty-six years later, Lucy was invited to be one of the speakers at the gathering, the only woman on the program.
In that semicentennial issue, eight accounting leaders offered their views on the state of the profession and the prospects for its future regarding public practice, auditing, financial reporting, taxes, advisory services, management accounting, education and ethics.
marks a myriad of historic 50th anniversaries, a group of people who have chronicled those events also is celebrating its semicentennial.
Surprisingly, Michigan picked June 15, 1886, the fiftieth anniversary of the date the federal government approved the compromise upon which the state's admission depended, as the time for its semicentennial celebration.
To mark its semicentennial, Policy Review, asked some of America's most thoughtful students of freedom to answer whether our country has moved closer or further from serfdom in the 50 years since Hayek's prophecy.