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a musical note having the longest time value (equal to four beats in common time)


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For particularly "torturous" figures of syncopation, the editors have indicated (in minims) the values of certain breves and semibreves (see no.
semibreve, and c minim--must be read to complete the counterpoint of the song.
12, "Also hat Gott die Welt geliebt," containing the only triple sections notated by Schutz at the minim level instead of the semibreve level, under the time signature "3"; here a sesquialtera interpretation, as Kuster notes (p.
All Superius partbooks, for example, should have a manuscript correction of a semibreve into a minim plus minim rest on sig.
Whereas most consort settings follow Taverner in disposing the chant in breves, they take the semibreve as the norm, like Blitheman's roughly contemporary examples.
The ubiquitous la sol fa mi motif of the chanson, with its characteristic rhythm of a dotted semibreve followed by two semiminims, saturates the Mass, making its model instantly recognizable.
My preference would be for barring in semibreves in c and breves in [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], because the semibreve is the largest musically meaningful unit in c, but this is simply a matter of taste; both alternatives are equally correct.
However, I have qualms about the visual effect of barring every semibreve, or dotted minim in the case of triple time.
2 tO insert the semibreve rest that completes bar 33 of the second `Kyrie'.
These two, admittedly, can be related to each other, with one semibreve beat (MM 50) Of the alla breve fugue standing at a 3:4 ratio with one bar (?
14) He seems to be saying that in canons at the fifth above, whether after a semibreve or minim rest, the leading voice may descend by any interval that the composer wishes without causing a dissonance against the following voice's entry.
While discussing the use of barlines, Charteris admits that "even though the alla semibreve time signature suggests that barlines he inserted once every two half notes, the music here is barred once every four half notes in order to provide better textural transparency" (p.
There thus appears to be every indication of the prevalence of a single tempo for the entirety of these pages, the fundamental durations of the unblackened semibreve, minim and semiminim remaining constant throughout.
In pieces with C mensuration, however, there is some ambiguity in that the initium pulse shifts occasionally from the imperfect breve to the imperfect semibreve, and the text is carried in the first instance by the semibreve and in the second by the minim.