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characterized by stylized but recognizable subject matter

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He described his 2002 solo show at Lokanat of black and white semiabstract paintings, inspired by memories of drawing with chalk on slate as a child and later pencil on paper and then ink on paper.
For her representational semiabstract and abstract paintings she uses charcoal, watercolour, acrylic, pen and mixed media.
The simplicity of the square-edged shapes renders them semiabstract, angular and modern, but the gleam of the gold leaf evokes the historic role of calligraphy as a decorative art form, calling to mind the elaborate detail and rich materials used in Islamic illumination.
Vieira da Silva, for Maria Elena Vieira da Silva (1908-1992), a Portuguese-born French painter of intricate, semiabstract compositions.
She loves figure drawing and portrait work but enjoys landscape and seascape painting, usually semiabstract.
BILSTON CRAFT GALLERY, MOUNT PLEASANT, WOLVERHAMPTON: Semiabstract paintings by Julie McNally and photographs by John Edwards, until June 22.
4), an early New-Mexico semiabstract work, Fox grapples with the abstract difficulties of rendering a landscape with depth, while respecting the flatness of the picture plane.
He makes the arresting move of then relating this very new historical situation to the lingering formal potentiality of what Roland Barthes called the "middle voice," a vocal mood displaced between the passive and the active and bifurcated in itself Coetzee would appear to be undertaking an ongoing series of investigations into the middle voice as a zone of depersonalized literary exploration peculiarly suited to a post-historical horizon; and suited as well to the oddly understood continent of Australia itself, in which semiabstract literary space it becomes possible to undergo "embodiment" again, a last-ditch effort towards materiality in a medium that has all but abandoned it.
In A Strange Place shows a couple in some quiet distress surrounded by strange semiabstract, almost biological soup, as if they're discussing their IVF treatment.
immensely appealing and semiabstract artefacts of a 'proper nineteenth-century character,' and repositories of a 'long-past age' of turbulent feelings and high hopes" (p.
The flat figures, exaggerated forms, and stylized scenes within the larger composition propose a semiabstract version of reality.
The work on display in the two large industrial units ranges from paintings, including a huge semiabstract architectural image by Martin Kobe, Roger Kelly's comforting picture of a lakeside log cabin and Masakatsu Kondo's study of a high-rise council estate, to a whimsical installation by Nathaniel Mellors.
Style is almost everything in "The Music Box," a semiabstract take on the Chinese period-meller genre that shows late helmer Chen Yifei reaching for something far more affecting in his fourth and final movie.
Frequent mists and fogs lent the moorland an especially eerie atmosphere; its poplars and birches, half-lost in the mist, were ideal subjects for inventive, semiabstract representation.
A colorist who reveled in lush and exuberant hues, she produced mysterious, semiabstract compositions, spare but full of emotional resonance.