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Synonyms for semi-evergreen

of a plant that is incompletely evergreen

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Results-Total sampling effort was 12, 800 trap-days, from which we obtained 640 independent photographic records of 11 species of mesocarnivores; we obtained 55% of the records in the semi-evergreen forest.
Odisha Tropical Semi-evergreen Forest type has shown significant changes in the floristic composition and Shorea robusta has been found regenerating indicating the degradation of semi-evergreen forest types.
Angelwing jasmine (Jasminum laurifolium nitidum) This semi-evergreen vine has glossy green leaves and pinwheel-shaped white flowers.
This semi-evergreen shrub seldom needs pruning but can be cut back as necessary if you have a smaller property.
Evergreen and semi-evergreen perennial plants Depending on where you are gardening, some perennial plants will never quite go dormant, but they may still need tidying up.
Blackbrush are semi-evergreen, often experiencing summer dormancy to the extent that portions of their leaves desiccate and fall off during dry summer seasons.
Abelia 'Edward Goucher': semi-evergreen shrub with glossy foliage and long bloom time; tubular, 1-inch-long, soft-pink flowers aren't produced in huge quantities, so bloom time extends from summer to autumn.
Magnolia grandiflora is one of only two evergreen magnolias--the sweetbay magnolia, Magnolia virginiana, ranges from deciduous to semi-evergreen to completely evergreen, depending on the cold zone.
It is much better than privet, although privet can be semi-evergreen at this time of the year.
The albizia julibrissin or silk tree - a deciduous to semi-evergreen with ferny-leafed branches - is another versatile tree that's popular for Southern California inland valleys.
The vegetation of Mizoram, according to Champion and Seth, is tropical evergreen and semi-evergreen forest in the lower altitude hills; sub-tropical to montane sub-tropical in the high hills.
Similar to other Salvia varieties, Teresa is a deer-resistant, semi-evergreen perennial that blooms in the spring, summer, and fall.
These are semi-evergreen, dependent on how hard the winter is, but most will hold on to their leaves unless it gets extremely cold - and some produce white flowers and black berries that the birds will love too.
Other evergreen climbing plant choices include Clematis armandii with its delightfully almond-scented white flowers in spring, or semi-evergreen, such as the chocolate vine, Akebia quinata.