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Synonyms for semestrial

occurring every six months or during every period of six months


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The Semestrial Progress Reports on the Fight Against Trafficking in Human Beings: The Romanian Approach E.
The National Agency Against Trafficking in Persons (formerly the National Agency for Preventing Trafficking in Human Beings and for Monitoring the Assistance Provided for the Victims of the Trafficking in Human Beings) has published four Semestrial Progress Reports.
Intended to meet the undergraduate upper level core curriculum theology requirement, this class takes place in the traditional classroom, semestrial context.
The Potential evapotranspiration, and also rainfall, temperature, the percentage of semestrial summer and winter rainfall and hydrical deficit (ETP-P) for each locality were calculated.
II) were supposed to draft trimestrial, semestrial and yearly progress reports on the PKMT sites for the Provincial office, then the data were to be sent to the Directorate of Social Welfare in Jakarta, the division of Depsos which was actually funding the program (Departemen Sosial, Directorate of Social Welfare 1983-1984: 159).
Contract notice: "receipt of monthly, Quarterly and semestrial meter indicators of electricity meters for the seven (7) administrative areas of the attica region directorate.
Se estimeaza ca se vor incheia contracte subsecvente semestrial. Cantitatile ce urmeaza a fi comandate in cadrul contractelor subsecvente, vor fi in functie de necesitatile proprii ale autoritatii contractante.
Payment of repayments and interest: Capital repayments occur with progressive installments per semester in fixed semestrial payments with a progressive capital portion and a decreasing interest area.
Frecventa si valoarea contractelor ce urmeaza sa fie atribuite: contractele subsecvente vor fi incheiate trimestrial, semestrial, sau ori de cate ori apare o nevoie noua, cuantumurile valorice a fiecarui contract subsecvent vor fi stabilite in raport cu necesitatile ce fac obiectul contractului si a resurselor financiare pe care autoritatea contractanta le are la dispozitie.