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Synonyms for semaphore

to communicate by means of such devices as lights or signs


Words related to semaphore

an apparatus for visual signaling with lights or mechanically moving arms

Related Words

send signals by or as if by semaphore

convey by semaphore, of information

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Lloyd's Signal Tower ceased its flag semaphore operations in 1969 and is now owned by the National Trust.
|SWING OUT SISTER: Sea Cadets performing their field gun window ladder semaphore at the Pier Head
L'Apal rappelle que parmi les 19 phares alignes sur les rivages et au sommet des iles, trois sites pilotes ont ete selectionnes a savoir le phare du Galiton, la Vigie de la Galite et le semaphore de Zembretta.
Caption: Flag Semaphore perhaps on the Maid of the Mist might make an elegant 'connect' with voters.
This article clears up a common misconception about the Wig-wag and semaphore systems of communications.
The altercation occurred when a minister refused to conduct the ceremony because the groom, from Semaphore, was too intoxicated and the man was taken to the Port Adelaide Police Station.
While there's nothing immensely original in the gameplay, Semaphore have clearly been inspired by the best.
With the Semaphore content intelligence platform, enterprises can turn unstructured content into actionable information by enhancing the capabilities of existing information management systems, according to Smartlogic.
Back in the '70s it was the only thing representative of rurality on the Box by a country mile, and its sinister, whispered commentary and baffling whistled semaphore couldn't fail but make a deep impact on anyone who may have experienced it.
One company delivering deep indexing is Smartlogic Semaphore Ltd., a company that describes its approach in terms of "content intelligence." The idea is that Smartlogic's technology performs at a level of accuracy associated with subject matter experts' indexing and analysis of documents.
Rather than have the dreaded, "who's going to drive debate?" we decided to take a trip to our local - The Semaphore in the village of Llysfaen.
- Utilize Semaphore for enabling effective migration, records retention, disposition, and data loss prevention within SharePoint.
album cover features the group with their arms positioned to spell out a word in flag semaphore but it does not read "help", as many believed.