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Synonyms for semaphore

to communicate by means of such devices as lights or signs


Words related to semaphore

an apparatus for visual signaling with lights or mechanically moving arms

Related Words

send signals by or as if by semaphore

convey by semaphore, of information

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The successful tenderer will have to finance, design and carry out the restructuring work of the guidel semaphore site in order to transform it and operate it for a period of 25 years in a leisure center and / or health and well-being and / or reception and training and / or green economy.
Lloyd's Signal Tower ceased its flag semaphore operations in 1969 and is now owned by the National Trust.
SWING OUT SISTER: Sea Cadets performing their field gun window ladder semaphore at the Pier Head
Plusieurs pays mediterraneens beneficiaires du projet Med- Phares seront presents, lundi 16 novembre 2015, a Gammarth, a la conference internationale, autour de ce projet baptise [beaucoup moins que] Gestion integree pour la mise en valeur du patrimoine des phares, semaphores et balises de la Mediterranee [beaucoup plus grand que].
A semaphore is any visual system of signaling with an apparatus such as flags, lights, or mechanically moving arms, such as those used to regulate railroads.
Smartlogic says the Semaphore content intelligence platform enables enterprises to turn unstructured content into actionable information by enhancing the capabilities of existing information management systems such as Microsoft SharePoint.
The pub takes its name from its location, situated as it is just across the road from the old semaphore station.
For more information about Smartlogic and the Semaphore Content Intelligence Platform, visit the Smartlogic website at: http://www.
The British Home Office has awarded IBM a support deal to extend the use of its Semaphore border system, following the cancellation of the e-Borders contract.
A semaphore is a kernel object that one or more processes can acquire or release for synchronization or mutual exclusion purposes.
In this review, I'll look at a several such programs, including Apple's QuickTime Pro, Steve Greenberg's GSpot Codec Information Appliance, Inlet Technologies' Semaphore, Jerome Martinez's MediaInfo, and Sliq Media's WMSnoop.
Part message decoding, part small-scale reality show, artist Nina Katchadourian's Office Semaphore is a signaling system in which one person, who works on an upper story of an office building, communicates messages to people outside on street level.
The youngsters spend all year gearing up for their annual competition called Flagship in which all the units in their region gather and compete in various areas in which they have been trained: firefighting techniques, medical care, rifle drills and semaphore signaling.
Delivering decades' worth of late post would itself be problem enough, but it is in the interests of the unscrupulous semaphore company that he fail.
The semaphore, flag-signaling system is an alphabet-signaling system based on the waving of a pair of handheld flags in a particular pattern.