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a specialist in the study of meaning

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To general semanticists, the abstract nature of a term like listening comes as no surprise.
while the literature of psychoanalysis is crowded with information about human linguistic and symbolic functioning that must eventually be understood by semanticists and absorbed into their discipline.
A GENERAL SEMANTICIST is talking to a man who has just bought a new car.
In terms of direct second-generation impact, one thinks of the poet Howard Nemerov, critics Francis Fergusson and Harry Slochower, sociologist Hugh Dalziel Duncan, semanticist S.
As semanticist Alfred Korzybski said, the map is not the territory.
So too, the challenge posed by Korzybski "to realize our potentialities as humans" also applies to the IGS, for it is the challenge and clarion call to all general semanticist to better understand the future by looking through the rear-view lens of accumulated wisdom and history in the hopes that we can collectively bring into focus an imagined horizon line of what the world might be.
Now imagine that Puss is the cat in front of you when you think (1), but that a nefarious semanticist quickly substitutes similar-looking Midnight for Puss, so that when you think (2), the cat in front of you is Midnight, though you believe it is Puss.
For this effort, semanticists should receive nothing but praise.
general semanticists, even though they represented a number of
Word, therefore, for Korzybski and the general semanticists who followed him, already and always does not accommodate the reality in its totality.
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