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a specialist in the study of meaning

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In other words, according to semanticist explanations we should reduce the meaning of the sentence uttered to, and just to, its literal content.
However, this requires cooperation on the part of lexicologists and semanticists, and, as the same authors regret to inform, "WSD has never really found a home in lexical semantics", despite the fact that "word meaning is at the heart of the problem" (Agirre & Edmonds, 2006: 2).
3, at 86; Stuart Chase, the economist and semanticist, Nov.
1874 - 1936) Austrian satirist, essayist, poet, dramatist, journalist, and semanticist.
Part 2 is devoted to explaining why the semanticist is similarly debarred from outright victory.
A HEALTHY YOUNG MALE has just met a beautiful female general semanticist.
Now imagine that Puss is the cat in front of you when you think (1), but that a nefarious semanticist quickly substitutes similar-looking Midnight for Puss, so that when you think (2), the cat in front of you is Midnight, though you believe it is Puss.
So too, the challenge posed by Korzybski "to realize our potentialities as humans" also applies to the IGS, for it is the challenge and clarion call to all general semanticist to better understand the future by looking through the rear-view lens of accumulated wisdom and history in the hopes that we can collectively bring into focus an imagined horizon line of what the world might be.
Indeed, from a general semanticist perspective, the problem lies in something much deeper.
Preoccupied with the correction of 'ideas,' he is extremely attentive to words, propositions, and their internal order and coherence ('logic'); he is likely to regard as irrelevant, therefore, all the nonlinguistic setting and consequences which, according to the semanticist, give to linguistic events whatever significance they may possess.
Bill Clinton, who probably never heard of GS, spoke very much like a general semanticist [and a lawyer] when he said, "It all depends on what the meaning of 'is' is.
When a general semanticist (someone, say, like myself) reads Nagarjuna (second century India; sometimes known (1) as the founder of the Middle Way school of Buddhism), he might say, "Jeepers, that fellow wanted people to move from the verbal level to the object level--and then from the object level to the event level, (2) and then--then what?
A general semanticist, like Bateson, would quickly recognize Aristotelian either-or-ness at the root of these oversimplified health messages.
Peace, semanticists tersely define, is the absence of war.
She explains that cognitive linguistics allow semanticists to discuss illocution as the result of performing cognitive operations supporting inferential schemas that apply to cognitive models of a situational kind.
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