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a specialist in the study of meaning

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His poem, which was published in 1923, has a title and meaning that ought to resonate for general semanticists.
In other words, according to semanticist explanations we should reduce the meaning of the sentence uttered to, and just to, its literal content.
However, this requires cooperation on the part of lexicologists and semanticists, and, as the same authors regret to inform, "WSD has never really found a home in lexical semantics", despite the fact that "word meaning is at the heart of the problem" (Agirre & Edmonds, 2006: 2).
For example, I think it is misleading to take Giere as the scientific realist semanticist to van Fraassen's constructive empiricist semanticist, as de Regt does, for although Giere is a realist of sorts, he emphasizes the non-propositional nature of scientific representation (see, for example, his recent presidential address to the PSA), and thus does not make common cause with the traditional realist who treats theories as sets of statements about the world, and then defends the claim that they are literally true.
3, at 86; Stuart Chase, the economist and semanticist, Nov.
economist, semanticist. Under the influence of <IR> HENRY GEORGE </IR> , Chase became deeply interested in social problems, especially those relating to conservation, consumer education, semantics, and labor problems.
(1874 - 1936) Austrian satirist, essayist, poet, dramatist, journalist, and semanticist. Kraus is considered the greatest and most original satirist in German literature.
That explication, however, makes essential use of the notion of a truth condition, showing that the communication-theoretic explication needs, after all, to invoke the semanticist's favoured concept.
These are some examples of people who are not semanticists. To such people, as well as to a large number of other over-verbalized people in our culture who are not only confusing themselves but making confusion epidemic, the semanticist can only say,' What are you talking about?' The fact that this question practically never receives a serious answer indicates the magnitude of the task before us.
Now imagine that Puss is the cat in front of you when you think (1), but that a nefarious semanticist quickly substitutes similar-looking Midnight for Puss, so that when you think (2), the cat in front of you is Midnight, though you believe it is Puss.
In the 1920s and 1930s the British semanticist I.A.
In short, the media ecologist can be compared to the general semanticist in that both are interested in the effects of the communication process on human perception and behavior.
L Hayakawa who, in addition to being a United States Senator, is probably the best-known general semanticist in the world.
A HEALTHY YOUNG MALE has just met a beautiful female general semanticist. He wants to move their relationship to a new and more intimate level.
We must begin to realize our potentialities as humans, then we may approach the future with some hope." So too, the challenge posed by Korzybski "to realize our potentialities as humans" also applies to the IGS, for it is the challenge and clarion call to all general semanticist to better understand the future by looking through the rear-view lens of accumulated wisdom and history in the hopes that we can collectively bring into focus an imagined horizon line of what the world might be.
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