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To show that there is a preference for one semantic relation over the others within a given constituent word family, a measure called instantiation index is used.
Thereby the purpose is to retrieve and provide a set of possible solutions relating to source case showing the semantic relations between them.
To generate such target hash code set, we need further information called semantic relation matrix S.
Relative ranking means that we rerank the score of classification according to semantic relation in the Synset Forest.
We take the analytical space shown in the figure 5 as the instance, after the above flow, may for contain richly natural language sentence processing the semantic information semantic fragment, while between in which semantics fragment main description concept semantic relations. This article determined is advantageous for the analysis and the recording semantic relations, like the "agent", "object", "time", "place", "have semantic relations and so on the".
on the basis of the configured training data, which is considered as a correct answer, a binary classifier is created for each semantic relation. Using the created binary classifier, additional entities that are corresponded to the semantic relation can be found for newly introduced data.
Forwardable 2 - Cultural Domain Analysis 1 Included Term Semantic Relation Cover Relation Term X is/are the the characteristic(s) teaching of profession --Dealing with 45 people at a time --Dealing with the same people for 10 months --Dealing with people who don't want to be in class --Dealing with them in a professional way Source: Own elaboration This contrasts to doctors, lawyers, and dentists who only have to deal with one person at a time and intermittently, not steadily for ten months.
Katunar, D., Srebacic, M., Raffaelli, I., Sojat, K (2012) "Arguments for Phrasal Verbs in Croatian and their Influence on Semantic Relations in Croatian WordNet"; Proceedings of the Eight International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'12).
Step 2: In the second step the optimization technique is employed to predict infrequent features based on a semantic relation using the WordNet Lexical dictionary.
In the map generalization process, the operations such as merging, exaggeration, and deletion can not only change the geometrical and topological relations between the elements, but also change the semantic relation fundamentally.
As was mentioned in the introduction, antonymy can be considered a paradoxical semantic relation, because at first sight the senses involved differ radically, yet on second thoughts the opposite senses have more aspects in common than not.
The analyses included two factors: one factor, type of semantic relation, with three levels (only-semantic, semantic/associative strong, and semantic/associative weak), and the other factor, prime type, with two levels (related and unrelated).
Indeed, circumstantial clauses can he said to assume a borderline position between parataxis and hypotaxis, broadly defined as "enhancing clauses without explicit marking of a semantic relation to the head [clausel" (p.
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