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an error in logic or arithmetic that must be detected at run time

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The WER, SER, and Error Reduction Rate (ERR) were employed as criteria for evaluating the performance of the proposed system; the semantic error means that the top-1 hypothesis' semantic form does not match exactly up with a gold standard for transcripts.
A person who makes this semantic error exhibits a "proneness to divide the world into two opposing forces ...
Budd's paradigm example error is a semantic error involving the intension of the term 'emotionally expressive classical music', as pointed out in the previous paragraph.
In general, we have found it easier to support the detection, diagnosis, and correction of syntactic errors than of semantic errors or slips (Lazonder and Van der Meij 1994b, in press).
Error types greater than 1% included (a) No response/idk in target language (9.3%), (b) Semantic error in target language (6.2%), (c) Circumlocution in target language (2.1%), and (d) Correct in nontarget language (1.07%).
Children routinely commit the semantic error we call identification; they believe that a thing and its name are necessarily linked, that the name of the sun, for example, is in the sun, an essential part of it.
Errors of the area are further categorized into phonological errors, lexical errors, grammatical errors, and semantic errors. Phonological errors are the errors of pronunciation.
Database Schema Method for Automatic Semantic Errors Resolving During Information Systems [TeKCT] / A.
This data contrasts with English, where there are a large number of patients who made semantic errors. Landis, Regard, Graves, and Goodglass (1983) found, in an unselected sample of English-speaking individuals with aphasia who were not chosen according to any specific criterion, that over 50% (11 out of 20) presented one or several semantic paralexias in reading 36 words.
The study of morphological, syntactic, and semantic errors made by native speakers of Persian and English children learning English.
In both naming and comprehension tasks he produced semantic errors, whereas in reading word aloud he made a number of stress assignment errors ('nevica [it snows] [right arrow] nevica [nonword]).
With regard to semantic errors in lexis, there are two main types: confusion of sense relations (a word being used in contexts where a similar word should be used) and collocational errors (the choice of a word to accompany another is inappropriate).
Yet the repetitions and semantic errors in this document made me think it was drafted hurriedly at the last minute.
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