semantic error

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an error in logic or arithmetic that must be detected at run time

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A person who makes this semantic error exhibits a "proneness to divide the world into two opposing forces .
Another semantic error by Budd has consequences reaching far beyond the argument of his article.
Many other patients with low level of reading experience encounter difficulties in reading but they do not produce semantic errors.
The Study of Morphological, Syntactic, and Semantic Errors Made by Native Speakers of Persian and English Children Learning English"
With regard to semantic errors in lexis, there are two main types: confusion of sense relations (a word being used in contexts where a similar word should be used) and collocational errors (the choice of a word to accompany another is inappropriate).
Yet the repetitions and semantic errors in this document made me think it was drafted hurriedly at the last minute.
It can find serious semantic errors in code, such as buffer overruns, null pointer dereferences, race conditions, and resource leaks.
As the differences between lexical items can be expressed with the help of semantic components (Kiefer, 2000), the description of meanings, which functions as an aid to explain semantic errors, was based on the detection o f the differences between semantic components constituting corresponding L1 and L2 lexical items.
He doesn't mind making mistakes; semantic errors offer tactile pleasure.
presents extensive injury in the left parieto-temporal lobe, the consequence of a trauma, and his visual and semantic errors, as well as his strategies for reading (i.
Topics include combining data sets with DATA step statements, sorting observations in a data set, processing data with DO loops, and correcting semantic errors.
According to NCC mCheck is the first testing tool on the market that is able to check both syntactic and semantic errors in the WML (Wireless Mark-up Language) - a feature that not only enables the tool to determine if the application is coded properly but also to indicate how it will be read on handsets from phone or PDA manufacturers such as Motorola, Nokia and Palm.
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