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the meaning of a word, phrase, sentence, or text

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To begin with, Semantic Search's coverage has now been greatly increased to include not only the US, but also China, Japan, Europe, WIPO, and Korea.
Computer scientists and engineers introduce semantic computing from the perspectives of understanding semantics, data science, data integration, and applications.
Working with semantic technologies is a qualitatively driven way to enhance smart applications.
In this paper, we begin by providing an overview of findings demonstrating that semantic transparency influences ease of processing and discussing ways in which theories have accounted for the role of semantic transparency.
The semantic web has been an area of interest in the broader realm of the internet since the earliest days of the web.
In this latest study, published in this month's issue of the American Journal of Psychiatry, investigators used a clever series of tests to measure a person's ability to process semantic information.
For the last two decades, one of the questions that has been focus of interest regarding semantic priming is whether priming occurs to the same extent for both associative and semantically related words (see Hutchison, 2003; Lucas, 2000 for reviews).
The novel semantic document architecture (such as SDArch as explained in the section "Semantic Documents") along with the underlying document representation model called a semantic document model represents our solution to the above-discussed issues of the learning content authoring.
A semantic wiki is one that has an underlying knowledge model described on its pages.
According to the company, NachoFoto's semantic technology for image search is based on proprietary research.
Annotating them with semantic information unleashes a huge potential, providing more suitable results in the search process, which benefits both humans (in the case of web pages), but also companies (in the case of web services).
Summary: Pragmatech: the sole MENA representative in the Gilbane Report on Semantic Technology.
are associated with one or several semantic items) or/and processing information with respect to an ontology (i.
The semantic web, which was first proposed by Tim Berners-Lee in 2001, offers a vision of a world with unprecedented interconnectedness.
The use of semantics to improve the management of content in computer realms is explored by researchers from disparate fields, among them natural language processing, software engineering, multimedia, semantic Web, and semantic services.
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