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a rain forest in a tropical area

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Ademas, el gobernador de Amazonas (norte), Wilson Lima, defendio el Fondo Amazonia para que haya inversiones en tecnologias para preservar la selva amazonica.
Throughout the March quarter new contingent resources in the Selva North and South Flank of 14.1bcf (2C) were added and with the benefit of the Podere Maiar well and seismic data, the chance of success at East Selva has been increased.
And its success depends on how much time you spend on the script and planning," said Selva in an interview with Gulf News tabloid!.
You can reach Carolina Selva at, or by phone or text at 971-266-3343.
Selva is located within the onshore Podere Gallina licence, for which a production concession was awarded on a preliminary basis in January.
A destination for contemporary design pieces, Selva ME brings tradition and cutting-edge trends into a spectacular fusion.
'There was a high number of addicts in this area, largely due to the presence of the homeless who became involved in drugs and the area was known for its 'red-light' area and entertainment outlets,' said Selva.
Video banking is seen suitable especially in wealth management, which is part of the regional consumer business led by Selva. This is a segment where customers need trust and constant advice.
But General Paul Selva, speaking before the Senate Armed Services Committee, said the July 4th test stopped short of showing North Korea had "the capacity to strike the United States with any degree of accuracy or reasonable confidence of success." Pyongyang's state media said the test successfully verified the atmospheric re-entry of the warhead, which experts say may be able to reach the U.S.
Tanto Ruben Dario como Vicente Aleixandre comparten una vision sagrada de la selva, a pesar de la distancia existente entre el lenguaje modernista del primero y el surrealista del segundo.
En el noroeste del estado de Campeche la fragmentacion de la cobertura vegetal original, tal como la selva subperenifolia (Miranda y Hernandez-X, 1963; Flores y Espejel, 1994; Pennington y Sarukhan, 1998) es remplazada para practicas agricolas.
Lo esencial de este trabajo es, precisamente, que el mapa de las estructuras de los asentamientos humanos de la Amazonia colombiana--configurado a lo largo del siglo XX y de los anos que han transcurrido del siglo XXI--demuestra no solo el avance y la consolidacion del proceso de urbanizacion de la selva oriental colombiana sino, ademas, que la selva amazonica colombiana esta hoy cercada por centros urbanos, lo cual suscita importantes interrogantes y preocupaciones frente al futuro de la selva amazonica misma.