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a rain forest in a tropical area

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That's just one of many examples of leveraging digital for the customer,' Selva says.
Selva said that although the missiles had the range, they did not have the technological guidance to effectively target the U.
La principal cobertura en 1990, fue la selva mediana abarcando 123,995 ha (Tabla 1 y 2), equivalente al 40.
Selva, now a Congress member and leader of the powerful SC and ST State Wing, was allowed to go near Rahul Gandhi by Pradesh Congress President EVKS Elangovan, despite protests from other Congress leaders, who feared for the Congress vice-president's security.
Selva is a heaven for hikers and the tourist board offer free guided walks throughout the summer months to explore this beautiful region.
Hacer el relato de los modos en que se poblo la Selva Lacandona seria configurar el tiempo.
2001) identificaron seis eco-regiones: (1) Bosque montano Andes noroccidental-Dona Juana; (2) Paramo Norandino-Valle de Sibundoy; (3) Bosque montano de la cordillera Oriental-Mocoa; (4) Selva humeda del Napo; (5) Purus Varzea-areas inundables; y el (6) Bosque humedo Solimoes-Japura (Figura 1b).
He has contributed an essay to one of the above-mentioned volumes ("On the Origin of the Work 'A diversi linguaggi,'" in Theatro dell'udito [2010], 121-44), and has produced an excellent dissertation on Vecchi's Selva di varia ricreatione ("Genre and Meaning in Orazio Vecchi's 'Selva di varia ricreatione' (1590)" [Ph.
The Arsenal boss believes he has bagged Barca's 16-year-old defender Julio Pleguezuelo Selva and they will sign him for a minimal compensation fee as he has yet to sign a contract at the Nou Camp.
Con relacion al primer grupo, el numero de miembros del hogar promedio peruano es de cuatro, con diferencias regionales pequenas (la selva posee el mayor promedio: 4.
Although better known in the world of Spanish letters, Salomon de la Selva is a shadowy figure in the history of U.
We are very focused on building up our cards business,' Anand Selva, head of consumer banking for Citi in India said after launching a new retail banking service in Mumbai.
5 March 2012 - Citigroup Inc (NYSE:C) plans to boost consumer lending in India by annual 30% over the next two to three years, the US investment bank's head of consumer banking in the country, Anand Selva, said as quoted by Reuters today.