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Synonyms for seltzer

naturally effervescent mineral water

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effervescent beverage artificially charged with carbon dioxide

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Caption: Co Chairs, Sammi & Scott Seltzer, Margie & Bobby Emden,--CoEmcee, Chris Wragge
Why it works: Alka Seltzer tablets fizz because they contain citric acid and sodium bicarbonate, which is the same as baking soda.
While he acknowledges the "huge acceptance" of his product among female consumers, he says that the number of males sipping Spiked Seltzer is significant.
With the addition of Seltzer Financial and ECN to its brand, Equity Concepts enhances its team.
In fact, the seasonal seltzers do cannibalize ordinary seltzer sales a little, but they also boost overall sales, said Christopher J.
While the 7th Circuit decided that the district court was correct in granting summary judgment for TMG against Seltzer's counterclaims for breach of the license by failing to limit non-Japanese distributors from reselling and by itself directly selling into Japan, summary judgment in favor of Seltzer on TMG's claims for breach of the license was incorrect and reversed.
Cusimano says that under the new ownership, Voice Publishing will keep all its current employees, and down the road the workforce may expand, with Digital Seltzer being a likely candidate for increased staff.
Mr Seltzer said: "There's a bit more winter to come.
The execution of this work proves that Rosenblum and Seltzer are accomplished artisans, betraying the discipline underlying their work, in spite of the seemingly casual spontaneity of their subject matter.
Biological anthropologist Leslie Seltzer tested a group of seven- to 12-year-old girls with an impromptu speech and series of math problems in front of a panel of strangers, sending their hearts racing and levels of cortisol - a hormone associated with stress - soaring.
The old man raises his head and moans, "Make that seltzer.
My advice springs from the recent furor over Eugene's very own Peggy Seltzer and her memoir, "Love and Consequences," which, as everyone knows by now, contains not a word of truth.
There been much ado these past few days about Peggy Seltzer, the writer who fabricated an entire memoir about growing up in foster care in South Central Los Angeles.
shores, giving people who are addicted to the carbonated stuff the tools needed to make it as easy to make seltzer or soda at home as other favorite beverages.