selling price

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the price at which something is offered for sale

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Selling price for the Kuwaiti currency varies between EGP 24.
Despite INR-USD depreciation, the fall in international oil prices warrant a decrease in selling price of petrol in the domestic market.
61 billion in six months due primarily to higher paint sales volume across all end market segments as well as selling price increases.
Retail selling price of beginning inventory + Initial retail selling prices of purchases
Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) said on Wednesday it had cut the December retroactive selling price of its benchmark Murban crude by $2.
The Near West Side marked the biggest increase in selling price in Chicago.
European and North American inventory levels have returned to normal levels and selling price increases of between seven to 12% have been secured in the third quarter.
In the event of a sale of Exelar Medical during the currency of the convertible note, the investor shall be entitled to a bonus based on the selling price of the Company's interest in Exelar Medical.
The preliminary data showed a median selling price increase of nearly 17 percent in 2004 compared to the previous year.
Other areas covered include a comprehensive outlook for each geographic region by monitor type and size, unit growth, average selling price, and the associated total revenue value of the display market for the years 2002-2007.
So to calculate your profit margins, take the selling price ($100) and subtract the price you paid to acquire that product ($60), as well as operating costs and overhead (let's say it averages out to $15).
Since the 1990s the selling price of house has increased by almost $10,000.
Entities should disclose carrying amounts of assets and liabilities, earnings and cash flows and net selling price of any assets for which there are binding sale agreements.
Also, a monthly report should be prepared that compares the total selling price of all below-target price shipments to their MTP.
Based on a complete teardown analysis, the report provides an estimation of the production cost as well as the selling price of the product.