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a characteristic of something that is up for sale that makes it attractive to potential customers

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Just like the Perry Local School district, the small size of Maynard's schools became their main selling point after New Media president Bill Plante conducted focus groups with students, parents and community members.
That's the selling point of companies that manufacture sports-themed instructional, score-keeping, scouting, and video editing software for today's coaches and administrators.
A chief selling point for mobile shredding unit operators remains the ability to offer immediate proof of destruction.
The move to develop a new logo and brand for the City began last June when city officials invited approximately 50 business and community leaders, residents and marketing professionals to meet to identify the city's selling points.
In today's demanding market for the modern, oversize loft, the ability to successfully predict the key selling points that will attract this high-end customer and set your development above the rest is a skill with high dividends.
Being located in the heart of Northern Ontario is proving to be one of the main selling points luring people to the city.
Superior performance and advanced features recognized as leading selling points to top carriers worldwide
The ability to expand the building, which is zoned for industrial use and sits on four acres, was one of the selling points for Record Keepers," said Frizalone, who represented both the buyer and seller in the sale.
He says Simi Valley's reputation as the nation's safest large city and its relative proximity to Los Angeles are his biggest selling points.
Lacoursiere pointed to the presence of free electricity (from the sale of the Smokey Falls hydro plant to Ontario Hydro), the co-generation plant at the facility and the proximity of massive stands of timber as major selling points for the mill.
For advertisers, the network provides an additional opportunity to highlight key selling points, complementing traditional point-of-purchase advertising.
One of green housing's major selling points is that it means healthier homes.
Everybody who does this triathlon says that those are the main selling points.
The unobstructed views of New York Harbor, in an attractively priced Class A building in the heart of the financial district, were also strong selling points," asserted Mr.