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a characteristic of something that is up for sale that makes it attractive to potential customers

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That has to be a selling point from a regional relationship because the selling point we don't have is the same money as other people have to offer.
Our particular selling point is that we're the smallest and provide individual attention.
Angie Redhead said: "Liverpudlians are a selling point.
There are many ways in which you can refresh your bath- room floor, to enhance the room's overall appeal as a selling point.
Pinnacle's selling points are: no more tapes or DVD's; get video to the players outside of the meeting rooms and practice; no waiting time, video is instant; and video is sent instantly via email to all players with the click of a mouse.
Our native PCI Express interface continues to be a major selling point as our customers want graphics that were designed from the ground up with PCI Express in mind.
A chief selling point for mobile shredding unit operators remains the ability to offer immediate proof of destruction.
Nicola Osborne, associate at Knight Frank in Newcastle, believes the restoration of the building has been a major selling point.
NEW YORK-When it comes to bath and accent rugs, suppliers say that a cotton fiber construction is not the main selling point.
citizen born in the Philippines, emphasizes the naturalization "fast-track" as a selling point while working as an Army recruiter among Asians in the San Francisco Bay area.
You just can't afford downtime in mission-critical tasks, so Linux stability is a big selling point.
Most of these songs can be found on earlier album, but the selling point of Clip is DiFranco's mischievous spontaneity (such as sneaking lines from "Amazing Grace" into "Fire Door") and the giddy charge behind her music--an element that comes out strongest when she plays live.
For elegant restaurants, the serving of smut fresh in season, when it is known to be at its best, could be a selling point," he says.
The ultimate selling point, however, may be Goodman's wisdom in describing the developmental difficulties teenagers face when a sibling is an alcoholic.