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a characteristic of something that is up for sale that makes it attractive to potential customers

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Most people who ventured into the industry have given up, but when you believe in yourself, no one can frustrate you, just believe that you are the best and know your selling point. Always try to make your work unique in your own special way, that is the key.
He says his main challenge is being not able to produce enough milk to meet the market demand.GOOD MILK SELLING PREMISESHe has three workers, one on the farm and one each at the two selling points.
So, if you have a showcase full of .40s, don't despair: The selling points listed above remain valid, and can still sell guns that make sense for their intended purpose of protecting your customers from violent crime.
"That has to be a selling point from a regional relationship because the selling point we don't have is the same money as other people have to offer."
SELLING POINT: Received Herman Miller's Million Dollar Club Cube Award three times, signifying more than $1 million in purchases in a single year, a rare feat in the furniture industry.
The creative energy in the North East has long been a strong selling point.
According to Peter Hodgins, Partner at Clyde & Co, Takaful cannot rely on being Shari'ah-compliant as a selling point as the market becomes more crowded.
It is important, at the same time as introducing this change, for the spotlight to be seen to fall on the horse - racing's greatest selling point, remember.
He said Business Friendly Bahrain was the phrase Saatchi and Saatchi believed best summed up the kingdom's selling point to foreign investment.
Pupils were split into groups and told to design a product or service with a unique selling point and make up a financial plan.
Stockard Channing gives a scene-stealing performance as Pink Lady Rizzo, but it's the catchy songs that are the real selling point.
Just like the Perry Local School district, the small size of Maynard's schools became their main selling point after New Media president Bill Plante conducted focus groups with students, parents and community members.
He said a big selling point at 88 Greenwich Street is a central ipod system, that the former CEO of Citi Habitats set up, with a docking station to charge your ipod and two speakers--one in the ceiling of the kitchen and one in the bathroom with volume control--.
The manga-style illustrations will be an easy selling point for most kids--the high-action ninjas fighting, and the female characters reminiscent of popular Bratz dolls--that will make this volume fly off the shelves.