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Clients who subdivide land or develop land as condominium units, and then sell the subdivided and developed land, normally have their entire gain taxed at high ordinary income tax rates, since the client is classified as a "dealer" selling "inventory" in the form of subdivided lots or condominiums.
Sometimes inexperienced practitioners will recommend drafting a stock-transfer agreement in a way that subjects either the buying or the selling party to unnecessary taxes.
Selling a stock should be considered for one of two reasons--either to achieve desired asset allocation or because of deterioration of a company's fundamentals.
Part I of this two-part article describes the primary forms and common objectives of buy-sell agreements; it also describes how they operate, including how they are activated, priced and funded and their effect on the selling shareholder.
Travel Guard International has been selling travel insurance since 1985.
We said we would sell and we are selling," claimed David Rosenberg, a partner with Marcus Borg Rosenberg & Diamond, who represents the sponsor.
Among its many provisions, the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003 reduces the tax costs of selling a business.
Limit your losses by selling your stock when it reaches its target
Many taxpayers will benefit greatly from these changes; the tax consequences on the sale of a principal residence will be eliminated for nearly 99% of all Americans selling their homes.
Another danger signal is a buildup of inventory, which means the company isn't selling all the goods it's producing.
1034-1(b)(4) defines "amount realized" as the selling price (including money received, the fair market value (FMV) of any property received and the amount of liability assumed by the buyer) less selling expenses.