seller's market

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a market in which more people want to buy than want to sell

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An inventory of less than six months generally is thought to contribute to a seller's market, where homeAaAeAeA owners are rewarded by premium price and homebuyers face higher prices and a lack of choice.
He added that, "So we have learnt once again that financial support of prices at a seller's market price level inevitably leads - as it has throughout the history of commodity markets, from tin to coffee, and from diamonds to cocoa - to the mobilisation of new production, in this case of millions of barrels per day of high cost shale oil.
Though some homebuyers have used the statues to ensure the close of escrow, there is no known saint through whom prayers will soften a seller's market.
It is the existence of a seller's market that links the mid-1980s with current marketplace conditions and has exposed today's dominant supply chain management philosophy, which many refer to as "procurement," as a dangerous and fatally flawed fad.
It's a seller's market now and there are tremendous opportunities out there.
He said growing number of LNG producers in the world has strengthen the bargaining position of buyers, turning the seller's market into buyer's market.
Greenhouse Gas Reduction Has Become a Seller's Market
After running the company for 21 years, it was a situation where I thought I either needed to get larger or to sell to one of these public companies, and right now it's a seller's market," Duke says.
Some of you may still be stunned by the sudden flip-flop from a buyer's to seller's market that has occurred in many basic resins.
com, a California real estate investment advisory firm specializing in distressed property, reported today that housing markets along the eastern seaboard are a mixed bag as the shift from a seller's market to a buyer's market continues and the risk of foreclosure increases.
This will help to determine the supply and demand for the area, and whether it is a seller's market or a buyer's market.
Essentially, I've been finding financing for them--taking advantage of the fact that it's currently a borrower's and a seller's market.
So much has been prognosticated about New York City moving from a seller's market to a buyer's market that their faith in a dramatic drop in real estate values is almost understandable.
This really is a seller's market right here and the guys who are the sellers of the better players are sitting on multiple offers themselves,'' Stoneman said Saturday.
New listings of homes for sale were up in May, but closed and pending sales were down as Lane County's residential real estate market continued its transition from a seller's market to what one Realtor called a "stable market.