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fit to be offered for sale

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He said some PR1MA projects have less than 30 per cent take up rates due to its less sellable locations.
'We have confidence in them as they are tested and trusted, as well as sellable candidates who will take Kwara to the next level.
This will bring AP closer to its 2020 target of having 4,000 MW of attributable net sellable capacity.
(s) sintel~s open platform for the supply of medicines, Parapharmaceuticals and other sellable products in municipal pharmacies.
become a sellable plot Wharf There has always been access to the dock for Dragon Boat Racing yet the plans show little space for the continuance of that activity.
This portfolio also provides substantial available capacity, with approximately 6.9mw of fully-installed power and 62,700 net sellable square feet immediately available for lease, as of March 31, 2016.
You must remember though, a nice kitchen will add value to your property, make your home instantly more sellable and - perhaps most importantly - become the room you spend most of your time in.
A new liquidity coverage ratio, to be phased in over four years from 2015, ensures banks have enough cash and sellable assets to see them through a 30-day crisis.
"It's thought that her house could be seen as a sellable asset."
Re-Design 4 U, on Fowler Street, South Shields, South Tyneside, takes unwanted household items and gives them a complete overhaul to make them more sellable. The not-for-profit company also offers job opportunities for disabled people who are struggling to get work.
Meraas, which provides infrastructure and sells land for the re-named Pearl Jumeirah project, a man-made island off the coast of Dubai, has already sold 45 per cent of the sellable land for investors to build on, Sina Al Kazim, the firm's chief business development officer told Reuters in an interview at this year's Cityscape Global 2010 in Dubai.