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get rid of by selling, usually at reduced prices

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It is possible that the sell-off is linked to the Yemen incursion as it was an unplanned expense for Saudi Arabia, unlike its oil price projections and other expenditures including arming Syrian militants.
One sell-off scheme which has grown in popularity is the Right to Buy scheme, where local authorities sell off council housing stock.
Maybe the sell-off is the right thing to do but why the mad rush to vote it through the Dail when the deal can't be finalised until the autumn?
The Royal Mail sell-off is a particularly blatant example.
Dubai: UAE stocks slid on Monday for the second straight day this week as shares of Union Properties, Emirates NBD, Deyr, Emr and Aldar, among others, tumbled amid a sell-off in emerging markets which have led to shares in the US and European markets also retreating, raising questions about the strength of economic recovery in various markets.
The sell-off of these fields started around the same time as Mrs Thatcher brought in the odious Compulsory Competitive Tendering legislation.
Soon after plans for the sell-off were announced, public protests and dozens of online campaigns to slop the sell-off began.
Now it has come to this: A petting zoo sell-off has become the government's model, at least for when it comes to convincing voters, that state asset sales have a future in Peru.
Stripping out the effect of the sell-offs profits were pounds 1.12 billion, down by almost a quarter on the previous year.
Council tenants, union representatives and left-wing political activists joined veterans of campaigns against council house sell-offs in other parts of the country at the meeting, organised by Defend Coventry Council Housing at Methodist Central Hall.
So much has happened in terms of sell-offs and restructuring that Adaptec has produced two sets of accounts - one showing what actually went on and the other 'normalized' version excluding all the changes.
Recent divestiture studies find that shareholders of selling firms earn abnormal gains at announcement.(1) These empirical results are consistent with recently offered management entrenchment and tax timing option hypotheses of selling-firm shareholder reactions to the announcements of sell-offs.(2) However, unlike other acquisitions, buyers of divested assets also earn positive abnormal returns.(3)
Still, the massive public sell-offs worked out well for large investment companies who ended up long-term beneficiaries of the policy.
When Gustavo Caillaux was appointed head of high-level privatization commission Comision de promocion de la inversion Privada (Copri) in early January, he estimated sell-offs would swell the treasury coffers by between $1.2 billion and $1.4 billion this year.