sell-by date

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a date stamped on perishable produce indicating the date by which it should be sold

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class="MsoNormalA sell-by date? Are you a packet of milk?
425B printed adjacent to the sell-by date on the retail carton and inside the USDA mark of inspection on the shipping case.
Asda CEO Andy Clarke said: "If something's just past its sell-by date and kept in a cold environment, I'd smell it to test whether to eat it."
It found that the salesmen were busy mixing goods about to perish with those having longer validity dates so people would buy them without noticing their sell-by dates.
In connection with the expanded JBS Swift Beef Company national recall, Hannaford Supermarkets is advising consumers to check their freezers for any ground beef or beef products with sell-by dates ranging from April 28 through June 6.
The store is also donating food approaching its sell-by date to the town's Salvation Army.
"That pizza you fished out of the deep freeze is past its sell-by date," warned Joe.
MANY people seem happy to eat food after its sell-by date has expired, a poll out today says.
A dud or two sneak in--"Blood" by Kleshnekoff is Tricky-style trip-hop with an expired sell-by date perhaps ending in B.C.
The G6 is close, while the Grand Prix is so far past is sell-by date even AARP members think its claim to excitement is dubious.
Dairies then stamp cartons with a sell-by date generally from 10 to 16 days after processing.
No doubt that meanz he will reduce the variety of lawyers to 57, insist they are low on fat, full of the finest ingredients, a treat at any time of the day, don't hang on beyond their sell-by date and, most important of all, remain full of wind.
New research has concluded that eggs can be used safely beyond their sell-by date, according to scientists at the U.S.
Does this happen at the sell-by date? Not according to Jones.
But there's a deeper message in seeing a bureaucrat three decades past his sell-by date get a new job--even one he resigned from almost immediately.