sell-by date

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a date stamped on perishable produce indicating the date by which it should be sold

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Steve Murrells, of the Co-op, said: "If you've got food in the fridge and it's one day past its sell-by date it's fine.
Each package has a Sell-By date of May 13-July 1 and bears the establishment number EST.
The confiscated stocks were found concealed under cartons of frozen fish that were labelled well within their sell-by dates.
Mauri Gorgonzola cheese with sell-by dates of 01/13/11 and 01/14/11 is being recalled because of a positive test for E.
In connection with the expanded JBS Swift Beef Company national recall, Hannaford Supermarkets is advising consumers to check their freezers for any ground beef or beef products with sell-by dates ranging from April 28 through June 6.
The store is also donating food approaching its sell-by date to the town's Salvation Army.
Fruit, vegetables, bread and cheese were the items most likely to be eaten after their sell-by dates, according to BBC Good Food Magazine.
THE majority of people are happy to eat food after its sell-by date, a poll out yesterday revealed.
She claimed the sell-by date system to ensure the freshness and quality of food could easily be changed by staff, who would wipe out existing dates and write in later dates.
goods past sell-by date: Supermarket chain Asda was found selling 55 items past their sell-by dates in its three Cardiff stores, a court heard.
A dud or two sneak in--"Blood" by Kleshnekoff is Tricky-style trip-hop with an expired sell-by date perhaps ending in B.
A sandwich-seller has been ordered to pay pounds 1,135 after he was caught selling food past its sell-by date.
Scientists also found that the eggs did not show a marked decrease in quality five weeks after the sell-by date.
Sell-by date idea ditched in favour of Duty Paid stamping to beat smuggling
Because of this problem, we have already reduced all beef that's approaching its sell-by date.