sell-by date

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a date stamped on perishable produce indicating the date by which it should be sold

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425B printed adjacent to the sell-by date on the retail carton and inside the USDA mark of inspection on the shipping case.
Asda CEO Andy Clarke said: "If something's just past its sell-by date and kept in a cold environment, I'd smell it to test whether to eat it.
Each package has a Sell-By date of May 13-June 9 and bears the establishment number EST.
Store manager Jacqui Challinor said they were committed to reducing their impact on the environment by making positive use of goods near or on their sell-by date.
Fruit, vegetables, bread and cheese were the items most likely to be eaten after their sell-by dates, according to BBC Good Food Magazine.
An undercover reporter for BBC1's Whistleblower programme has claimed she found two supermarkets ignored sell-by dates and repackaged old food at reduced prices.
Mr Bennett said some of the goods displayed 'Whoops' stickers, meaning staff had previously reduced them because products were nearing their sell-by dates.
Ms Dorchell said that the sandwiches, containing meat and egg mayonnaise posed a "real risk once past their sell-by date.
Scientists also found that the eggs did not show a marked decrease in quality five weeks after the sell-by date.
Sell-by date idea ditched in favour of Duty Paid stamping to beat smuggling
Because of this problem, we have already reduced all beef that's approaching its sell-by date.
Hill Country Fare Beef for fajitas with a sell-by date of 5/23
People in Scotland are the worst offenders, with over one in ten (13%) finding things that have gone past their sell-by date more than once a week, followed by those in East Anglia (12%), the North East (11%) and Wales (10%).
A survey by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland found 23% of them placed a sell-by date on raw chicken fillets which had no basis in fact.
They also found examples where the sell-by date was obscured by the price label.