sell short

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sell securities or commodities or foreign currency that is not actually owned by the seller, who hopes to cover (buy back) the sold items at a lower price and thus to earn a profit

underestimate the real value or ability of

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When you sell short, your potential loss is infinite," says Guy.
Written by bestselling author, Alexander Elder, the Study Guide for Sell and Sell Short provides traders with 115 questions and answers, including chart studies, to help traders master the material in Dr.
As part of your diversified portfolio, you could include stock mutual funds that sell short.
The Fund may borrow stocks that are sold short to make delivery to the buyer but it may not always be able to borrow a security it wants to sell short.
One way to limit this exposure is to sell short XLE in an amount equal to 10% of the holdings in the broader indices," Krause points out.