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get rid of by selling, usually at reduced prices

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Therefore, it is statistically correct to blame Tory Governments for school field sell offs as the sheer scale of school fields sell offs by Tory Governments are Leviathan in proportion to Tony Blair and Gordon Brown's period of government.
Purnima later came in touch with a man called Prabhas, who advised her to sell off her daughters.
HSBC Holdings (LSE: HSBA) has allayed fears of a sell off of the US dollar should the US lose its AAA credit rating.
CONTROVERSIAL plans to sell off swathes of public forests are back on the table.
com)-- While still a newcomer in the penny auction game, Sell Off Auctions says they are very happy that their customer growth has exceeded their expectations.
Instead, they would prefer the Royal Family to sell off properties.
House of Representatives approved legislation last Wednesday that will allow government pension funds to sell off stock in firms that do business with Iran without having to worry about the possibility of being sued.
Byline: The Prime Minister's plans to sell off Au16 billion pounds worth of assets has been branded a national car boot sale.
LONDON: The British government will sell off a raft of state assets to help reduce its debt, Prime Minister Gordon Brown was to announce Monday.
CARDIFF council's chief executive was last night asked to reconsider his decision to sell off school playing fields by a committee of councillors.
Mandelson wants to sell off a 30 per cent stake in the Royal Mail to a private firm.
It has held talks with other retailers to take on the leases of around 300 Woolworths stores and hopes to sell off the Ladybird children's clothes and Chad Valley toys brands.
MOVES by a cash-strapped South Wales council to sell off small parcels of its land for housing development has sparked a row.
FURIOUS residents and shopkeepers in Coleshill have slammed proposals to sell off the town's main car park.