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Synonyms for selfsameness

the quality or condition of being exactly the same as something else

Words related to selfsameness

the quality of being identical with itself

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All in all, the need for a new interpretive paradigm in terms of Beckett's Molloy (or at least its first part) is stressed by: a language and narrator being two organisational principles; a monologicity, concurrency and scenicness corresponding to drama-like immediacy and spatiotemporal selfsameness (Chatman 72; Rimmon-Kenan 108; Genette 109-112; Prince 86); and an orality and auto-reflexivity indicative of performance (Fludernik "Speech" 539).
a mutual relation in that it connotes both a persistent sameness within oneself (selfsameness) and a persistent sharing of some kind of essential character with others." (1) Immigration is one of the major reasons for the weakening of national identity, but immigration alone is not sufficient to explain that phenomenon.
That naming encompasses the struggle against un- or non-belonging, for identity (individual and collective), and on behalf of our broader kinship, or selfsameness, one's human identity.
This hyperlinking happens, DeLillo discloses, because the digital is inherently viral, self-reproductive, and therefore un-ethical, repeating itself into co-present selfsameness, writing itself across others and rewriting them, their places, and histories into oneness.
If one were to look for the likeliest formal marker of the identity, selfsameness and continuity of the human subject, and thus the ability to sign "I," it might well be the proper name.
East-ness and West-ness is not (like the mythology of "God") determined according to selfsameness but, rather, according to difference.
Sallis offers both a brief reading of Plato's Phaedo pointing up the danger of treating singularity as selfsameness and the possibility of an alternative principle of "nature," an arche, the chora of the Timaeus, that affirms singularity without the need of a transcendence to a fullness of being.